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Teaching Staff

Dr. REID Kerry

Dr. REID Kerry

Research Assistant Professor , School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

PhD (South Africa); MSc (South Africa)

  • 3917 3654
  • 2858 3477
  • KBSB 2N-11

Teaching Areas

  • Molecular wet lab techniques
  • Population genetics

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary genomics
  • Fisheries genetics
  • Genomic mechanisms facilitating rapid adaptation
  • Molecular techniques

Current Research

  • Adaptive recombination rate variation in three and ninespine stickleback
  • Mechanisms underlying rapid adaptation using whole lake experiments of threespine stickleback
  • Consequences of secondary contact after restoration in alewife
  • Assessing river herring bycatch in Atlantic fisheries
  • Genomic basis of maturation age in Yukon chinook salmon

Publications and News

  • Wasserman BA, Reid K, Arredondo OM, Osterback A, Kern CH, Kiernan JD, Palkovacs EP (2021). Extreme gape-limitation: Predator life history and prey ontogeny shape selection on threespine stickleback armor genotypes in estuaries. Ecology of freshwater fishes, 00, 1-9.
  • Kingman GAR, Vyas DN, Jones FC, Brady SD, Chen HI, Reid K, Milhaven M, Bertino TS, Aguirre WE, Heins DC, von Hippel FA, Park PJ, Kirch M, Absher DM, Myers RM, Di Palma F, Bell MA, Kingsley DM, Veeramah KR (2021). Predicting future from past: The genomic basis of recurrent and rapid stickleback evolution. Science Advances, 7, eabg5285.
  • Reid K, Bell MA, Veeramah KR (2021). Threespine stickleback: A model system for evolutionary genomics. Annual Reviews of Human Genetics and Genomics, 22, 357-383.
  • Contolini GM, Reid K, Palkovacs EP. (2020) Climate shapes population variation in dogwhelk predation on foundational mussels, Oecologia, 192, 553-564.
  • Reid K, Garza JC, Gephard S, Caccone A, Post D, Palkovacs EP. (2020) Restoration mediated secondary contact leads to introgression of alewife ecotypes separated by a colonial-era dam, Evolutionary Applications, 13, 652-664.
  • Reid K, Palkovacs E, Hasselman DJ, Baetscher D, Kibele J, Gahagan B, McBride M, Bentzen P, Garza JC. (2018) Comprehensive evaluation of genetic population structure for anadromous river herring with single nucleotide polymorphism data, Fisheries Research, 206, 247-258.

Awards and Honours

  • American Fisheries Society Genetics Section: Early Career Fisheries Genetics Award recipient, 2020, USA.

Marine Stickleback