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Teaching Staff

Dr. PUN, Jason Chun Shing

Dr. PUN, Jason Chun Shing

Principal Lecturer, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, HKU

B.A., B.S. Roch; M.A., Ph.D. Harv

  • 2859 1962
  • 2559 9152
  • Room 104D, CYM Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Research Interest

  • Observational Astrophysics
  • Supernovae
  • Supernova Remnants


    Representative Publications

    • "Measurement of the Electron Antielectron Oscillation with 1958 Days of Operation at Daya Bay", F. P. An, et al. (Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment collaboration), Physical Review Letters, 121, 241805 (2018)
    • "Measurement of cosmic-ray muons and muon-induced neutrons in the Aberdeen Tunnel Underground Laboratory" S. Blyth, et al. (Aberdeen Tunnel Underground Experiment collaboration), Physical Review D93, 072005 (2016)
    • "The destruction of the circumstellar ring of SN1987A," C. Fransson, J. Larsson,... C.S.J. Pun, G. Sonneborn and B. Sugerman, The Astrophysical Journal Letters806, L19 (2015)
    • "Contributions of artificial lighting sources on light pollution in Hong Kong measured through a night sky brightness monitoring network", C.S.J. Pun, C.W. So, W.Y. Leung and C.F. Wong, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer139, 90-108 (2014)
    • "The discovery of an X-ray / UV stellar flare from the late-K/early-M dwarf LMC 335," B.T.H. Tsang, C.S.J. Pun,R. DiStefano, K.L. Li and A.K.H. Kong, The Astrophysical Journal754, 107 (2012)
    • "Observation of Electron-Antielectron Disappearance at Daya Bay" F.P. An, et al. (Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment collaboration) Physical Review Letters108, 171803 (2012)
    • “Night-sky Brightness Monitoring in Hong Kong: A city wide assessment”, C.S.J. Pun, & C.W. So, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 184, 2537 (2011)


    Awards and Honours

    2018|IDA Dark Sky Defender Award, International Dark-Sky Association
    2013|Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award