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Teaching Staff

Dr. PICKETT, Evan John

Dr. PICKETT, Evan John

Faculty of Science, HKU

  • 3917 1286
  • Rm 315, Hui Oi Chow Science Building

Teaching areas

  • Ecology and conservation
  • Biology
  • Statistics


Research interests

  • Species conservation
  • Wildlife demography
  • Disease ecology
  • Science education 


Current research

  • Increasing interest in science during common core


Awards and honours

2012                       Outstanding Postgraduate (Research) Student Achievement Award for 2012

2012                       Faculty of Science and Information Technology RHD Conference Scholarship

2010 - 2013           Australian Postgraduate Award Industry Scholarship

2010                       Australian Society of Herpetology Travel Award

2009                       Sydney Olympic Park Endangered Bell Frog Population Biology Research Scholarship

2007                       Faculty of Science and Information Technology Summer Vacation Scholarship

2006                       Faculty of Science and Information Technology Commendation List