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Teaching Staff

Professor PARKER, Quentin A

Professor PARKER, Quentin A

Professor, Department of Physics, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, HKU

B.Sc.(Hons), PhD (St. Andrews); FASA; FRAS

  • 2241 5932
  • 2559 9152
  • Room 523, CYM Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

    Current Research

    • Astronomy and Astrophysics Group: Observational Astrophysics

      • Prof. Q.A. Parker arrived at HKU in March 2015 from the Australian Astronomical Observatory. He currently directs the Laboratory for Space Research (see and has established a world-leading group in late-stage stellar evolution that includes post-AGB stars, planetary nebulae and massive star ejecta. This  task is greatly assisted by the on-going appointment of Prof. Albert Zijlstra as a Hung Hing Ying Distinguished visiting professor to HKU from Manchester University (he is a world leader in planetary nebulae) and also via the appointment of several new postdoctoral research fellows: Dr. F. Lykou, Dr. Andreas Ritter and Dr. Xuan Fang together with three PhD students. Significant contributions to this research field have been made including two HKU press releases and four Nature Astronomy papers between 2018 and 2019. Exciting research opportunities exist for additional research postgraduate students to join the team. This group also has strong synergies to existing departmental expertise in late stage stellar evolution (including supernova remnants) and to the Laboratory for Space Research.


    Research Interest

    • Astronomy
    • Astrophysics
    • Planetary Nebulae
    • Supernova Remnants
    • Large Scale Widefield Survey
    • Astronomical Instrumentation
    • Galactic Archaeology, Galaxies
    • Chinese Bronze and Antiquities


      Representative Publications

      • “The binary fraction of planetary nebula central stars - III. the promise of VPHAS+”, H. Barker, A. Zijlstra, O. De Marco, D.J. Frew, J.E. Drew, R.L.M. Corradi, J. Eislöffel, Q.A. ParkerMNRAS475, 4504 (2017)
      • “HASH: The Hong Kong/AAO/Strasbourg H-alpha planetary nebula database” Q.A. Parker, I. Bojcic & D.J. Frew, 11th Pacific Rim Conference held in Hong-Kong in Dec 2015, JPhCS, 728 (2016)
      • “Fast, Low-ionization Emission Regions of the Planetary Nebula M2-42” A. Danehkar, Q.A. Parker, W. Steffen, The Astrophysical Journal151, 38 (2016)
      • “The H-Alpha Surface Brightness - Radius Relation: A Robust Statistical Distance Indicator for Planetary Nebulae” D.J. Frew, Q.A. Parker and I. Bojicic, MNRAS455, 1459 (2016)
      • “New light on Galactic post-asymptotic giant branch stars - I. First distance catalogue” S. Vickers, D.J. Frew, Q.A. Parker and I.S. Bojičić, MNRAS447, 1673 (2015)
      • “Kathryn’s Wheel: A Spectacular Galaxy Collision Discovered in the Galactic Neighbourhood” Q.A. Parker, A.A. Zijlstra, M. Stupar, M. Cluver, D.J. Frew, G. Bendo and I. Bojici, MNRAS452, 3759 (2015)
      • “Four New Planetary Nebulae Towards the Small Magellanic Cloud”, D. Draskovic, Q.A. Parker, W.A. Reid and M. Stupar, MNRAS425, 1402 (2015)
      • “Spatially resolved kinematic observations of the planetary nebulae Hen 3-1333”, A. Danehkar, Q.A. ParkerMNRAS449, 56 (2015)
      • “New light on Galactic post-asymptotic giant branch stars - I. First distance catalogue”, S.B.Vickers, D.J.Frew, Q.A.Parker and I.S. Bojicic, MNRAS447, 1673 (2015)



      • Member of the Oriental Ceramics Society of Hong Kong (2015 - )

      • Member of the International Astronomical Union (1995 - )

      • Fellow of the Astronomical Society of Australia (1994 - )

      • Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (1988 - )


      Professional Prizes and Awards for Research, Teaching and Leadership ($4.55M HKD)

      2018|HKU Sino-British Fellowship $25K
      2014|MQ University “Jim Piper” Award for Excellence in Research Leadership $120K
      2013|Prestigious Gutenberg Professorial Chair, Strasbourg, France $3.2M
      2012|MQ Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching $360K
      2011|Australian “ALTC” Citation for Excellence in Undergraduate Learning $360K
      2011|MQ Recipient of University Innovations awards for Excellence in Research $120K
      2010|MQ Shortlisted for University Innovations Award in Research & Engineering
      2009|MQ Highly Commended for University Innovations in Learning and Teaching
      2008|MQ Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence in PhD Supervision $180K
      2007|MQ Divisional Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching $180K