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Teaching Staff

Dr. NOT, Christelle Aurelie

Dr. NOT, Christelle Aurelie

Senior Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

    • 3917 7831
    • Room 306, Hui Oi Chow Science Building, The University of Hong Kong

    Teaching areas

    • Oceanography
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Isotopopic geochemistry
    • Earth Climate

    Research interests

    • Paleoceanography
    • Radiogenic Isotopes
    • The Arctic Ocean



    • Fagel, N. Not, C. Geuibe, J. Mattielli, N. Bazhenova, E. 2014. Late Quaternary evolution of sedimentary provenance in Central Arctic: Mineralogy, trace geochemistry and Nd and Pb isotope fingerprints of detrital fraction from the Northern Mendeleev Ridge. Quaternary Science Reviews. 92, 140-154.
    • Hillaire-Marcel, C. Maccali, J. Not, C. and Poirier, A. 2013. Geochemical and isotopic tracers of Arctic sea ice sources and export with special attention to the Younger Dryas interval. Quaternary Science Reviews. 79, 184-190.
    • Not, C. and Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2012. A trigger from the Arctic: the most plausible scenario for the Younger Dryas cold spell. Nature Communications. 3, 647.
    • Not, C. Brown, K. Ghaleb, B and Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2012. Conservative behavior of Uranium vs Salinity in Arctic Sea Ice and Brine. Marine Chemistry. 130-131, 33-39.
    • Not, C. and Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2010. Time constraints from 230Th and 231Pa data in late Quaternary, low sedimentation rate sequences from the Arctic Ocean: an example from the northern Mendeleev Ridge. Quaternary Science Reviews. 29, 25-26, 3665-3675.