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Teaching Staff

Professor NG, Stephen Chi Yung

Professor NG, Stephen Chi Yung

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, HKU

B.Sc., M.Phil. HKU; M.S., Ph.D. Stanford

  • 2859 7947
  • 2559 9152
  • Room 517, CYM Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Current Research

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics Group: Observational Astrophysics
    • Dr. Ng studies extreme objects in our Galaxy, including magnetars, energetic pulsars, pulsar wind nebulae (PWNe), and supernova remnants. He has led observational projects using world-class telescopes in X-rays and radio, such as the Chandra X-ray Observatory, XMM-Newton, the Expanded Very Large Array, and the Australia Telescope Compact Array. He has identified a pulsar moving at an enormous velocity over 2,000 km/s. He has also developed a powerful 3D modeling technique to capture the X-ray torus and jet morphology of PWNe and to measure the structure and evolution of the supernova remnant 1987A.

      Dr. Ng's latest research focuses on the magnetic fields of neutron stars and their environments. Employing X-ray observations, he measures the surface temperature of magnetars, which are stars with the strongest magnetic fields in the Universe, to understand their extreme properties and their connection with ordinary radio pulsars. In addition, he maps the magnetic field configurations of PWNe using radio telescopes, in order to probe the cosmic ray production and transport in these systems. Further information can be found at the webpage .


Research Interest

  • Radio and X-ray Observations of Neutron Stars

  • Pulsar Wind Nebulae

  • Supernova Remnants


    Representative Publications

    • "Chandra Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of the High-Magnetic-Field Pulsar B1509-58", Chin-Ping Hu, C.-Y. Ng, J. Takata, R. M. Shannon, and S. Johnston, the Astrophysical Journal838, 156 (2017)
    • “Discovery of a Synchrotron Bubble Associated with PSR J1015-5719”, C.-Y. Ng, R. Bandiera, R. W. Hunstead, and S. Johnston, the Astrophysical Journal842, 100 (2017)
    • "Radio Polarization Observations of the Snail: A Crushed Pulsar Wind Nebula in G327.1-1.1 with a Highly Ordered Magnetic Field",Y. K. Ma, C.-Y. Ng, N. Bucciantini, P. O. Slane, B. M. Gaensler, & T. Temim, The Astrophysical Journal820, 100 (2016)
    • "Hunting for Orphaned Central Compact Objects among Radio Pulsars", J. Luo, C.-Y. Ng, W. C. G. Ho, S. Bogdanov, V. M. Kaspi, & C. He, The Astrophysical Journal808, 130 (2015)
    • "An anti-glitch in a magnetar", R.F. Archibald , S.C.Y. Ng, K.N. Gourgouliatos, D. Tsang, P. Scholz, A.P. Beardmore, N. Gehrels, J.A. Kennea, Nature497, 7451, 591-593 (2013)



    2013-2014|Early Career Award, Research Grant Council of Hong Kong
    2010-2012|Richard H. Tomlinson Postdoctoral Fellowship, McGill University
    2010-2012|Centre for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec (CRAQ) Postdoctoral Fellowship
    1999-2001|Postgraduate Studentship, The University of Hong Kong
    1998-1999|Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Graduates (Intensified Learning Opportunity
    Programme), The University of Hong Kong
    1998-1999|William Faid Memorial Prize in Physics
    1997-1998|Lam Fang Kwong Prize in Physics
    1997-1999|Li Po Kwai Scholarships (2 awards)
    1997-1999|Dean’s Honors List (3 awards)
    1996-1997|Alan John Ellis Prizes in Mathematics