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Teaching Staff

Professor MOMIGLIANO Paolo

Professor MOMIGLIANO Paolo

Assistant Professor , School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc (James Cook University); PhD (Macquarie University)

    • 3917 3673
    • 2858 3477
    • KBSB 2S04

    Teaching area

    • Marine Biology
    • Phylogenetics and population genetics
    • Evolutionary Biology
    • Marine Conservation

    Research Interests

    • Speciation genomics
    • Genomics of local adaptation
    • Demographic modelling from genetic data
    • Seascape genetics
    • Conservation genetics of marine fauna

    Current Research

    • Speciation genomics of flatfish and whitefish
    • Seascape and conservation genetics of elasmobranchs
    • Reconstructing demographic history from genetic data
    • Local adaptation and conservation genetics of marine mammals
    • The role of demographic history in constraining  or fueling local adaptation


    • Juan de la Cierva Incorporacion Fellowship (01/2022-08/2022), Universidade de Vigo
    • Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellowship (09/2018-09/2021), University of Helsinki
    • Finnish Cultural Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (08/2017-08/2018), University of Helsinki.

    Publications and news