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About Us

Professor LUI, Wing Yee

Professor LUI, Wing Yee

Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc First Class Honors, PhD (HKU)

  • 3917 3804
  • 2858 3477
  • KBSB 4N09

Teaching Areas

  • BIOL2103 Biological Sciences Laboratory Course (Coordinator)
  • BIOL3205 Human Physiology (Coordinator)
  • BIOL3402 Cell Biology and Cell Technology
  • BIOL4401 Medical Microbiology & Applied Immunology (Coordinator)
  • BIOL3105 Animal Physiology

Current Research

  • Studies of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in spermatogenesis
  • Studies of male infertility using knockout mice models

Research Interests

  • Cell junction restructuring
  • Germ cell differentiation and migration
  • Ubiquitination
  • Molecular basis of male infertility


  • Rockefeller University, New York

Publications and News

  • Congratulations to Mr. Di Wu has been awarded University Postgraduate Fellowship (UPF)
  • Congratulations to Ms. Huang Kun has been awarded Predoctoral Student Travel Award
  • Congratulations to Ms. Gao Ying has been awarded Predoctoral Student Travel Award
  • Congratulations to Ms. Rachel Tam has been awarded Presidential Poster Presentation Award
  • Congratulations to Ms. Richie Leung has been awarded Y.W. Kwok Scholarship

Awards and Honours

  • 2015  Award for Teaching Excellence 14-15, Faculty of Science, HKU
  • 2010  Outstanding Young Researcher Award, HKU
  • 2002  Best Oral Presentation Award, Asian-Pacific Forum for Andrology, Shanghai
  • 2002  Thomas HC Cheung Scholarship, Hong Kong Association of University Women
  • 2002  SSR Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Award, The Society for the Study of Reproduction, USA
  • 2001  Predoctoral Student Travel Award, The American Society for Cell Biology, USA
  • 1999-2001   Sir Edward Youde Fellowship, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council
  • 1999-2002   Hong Kong University Postgraduate Studentship
  • 1999  Lee Chung Yin Jubilee Prize, Faculty of Science, HKU