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Teaching Staff

Professor LO, Clive Sze Chung

Professor LO, Clive Sze Chung

Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc (CUHK); MPhil (CUHK); PhD (Purdue)

  • 3917 3337
  • 2858 3477
  • KBSB 7N03

Teaching Areas

  • BIOL1110 From Molecules to Cell
  • BIOL2220 Principles of Biochemistry
  • BIOL3408 Genetics

Research Interests

  • Plant secondary metabolism
  • Plant metabolic engineering
  • Biochemistry of plant defense responses

Current Research 

  • Elucidation of flavonoid biosynthesis in plants
  • Investigation and manipulation of tricin lignin in grass family

Research Team

  • Lab technician
  • Postgraduate students (PhD and MPhil)

Publications and News

  • Lam PY, Tobimatsu Y, Takeda Y, Suzuki S, Yamamura M, Umezawa T, Lo C (2017) Disrupting  flavone synthase II alters lignin and improves biomass digestibility. Plant Physiology 174 (2):972-985.
  • Liu H, Li Q, Yang F, Zhu FY, Sun Y, Tao Y, Lo C (2016) Differential regulation of protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase abundances by VIRESCENT 5A (OsV5A) and VIRESCENT 5B (OsV5B) in rice seedlings.  Plant and Cell Physiology 57: 2392-2402
  • Lam PY, Liu H, Lo C (2015) Completion of tricin biosynthesis pathway in rice: Cytochrome P450 75B4 is a novel chrysoeriol 5'-hydroxylase.  Plant Physiology 168:1527-1536
  • Lam PY, Zhu FY, Chan WL, Liu H, Lo C (2014) Cytochrome P40 93G1 is a flavone synthase II which channels flavanones to the biosynthesis of tricin O-linked conjugates in rice.  Plant Physiology 165:1315-1327
  • Zhu FY, Li L, Lam PY, Chen MX, Chye ML, Lo C (2013) Sorghum extracellular leucine-rich repeat protein SbLRR2 mediates lead tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis.  Plant and Cell Physiology 54:1549-1559
  • Du Y, Chu H, Chu IK, Lo C* (2010) CYP93G2 is a flavanone 2-hydroxylase required for C-glycosyl-flavone biosynthesis in rice.  Plant Physiology 154:324-333
  • Liu H, Du Y, Chu H, Shih CH, Wong YW, Wang M, Chu IK, Tao Y, Lo C* (2010) Molecular dissection of the pathogen-inducible 3-deoxyanthocyanidin pathway in sorghum.  Plant and Cell Physiology 51:1173-1185

Awards and Honours

  • Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2012 (Faculty of Science) for “HKU Junior Science Institute” (team award)