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Teaching Staff

Professor KI, Dong-Keun

Professor KI, Dong-Keun

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, HKU


  • 3910 2163
  • 2559 9152
  • Room 311C, CYM Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Current Research

  • Experimental Condensed Matter and Material Science Group: Experimental Condensed Matter - Quantum Nanoelectronic Devices
    • We investigate quantum transport phenomena in various nano-electronic devices, realized by using state-of-art nano-fabrication and engineering techniques—the techniques that include electron-beam lithography, metal depositions and etching, micro-manipulation of atomically thin crystals and more. Materials of current interest are graphene and emerging 2D crystals, topological materials, and artificial heterostructures, and we take various experimental routes (e.g., rotating magnetic fields, inducing strain, etc) to discover or engineer new quantum effects in these systems. Since these effects are often fragile against finite temperature and electrical noises (e.g., fractional quantum Hall effect), we also implement cryogenic and low-noise measurement techniques. Throughout the investigation, we particularly aim to understand ‘and learn to control’ the underlying physical processes as it can not only expand our view of electronic materials but also bring us a step closer to the realization of new device applications. In this context, we are currently focusing on the topics below:
            (1) Quantum transport in graphene and 2D materials
            (2) ‘Designer’ electronic heterostructures and interfaces
            (3) New topological states of matter
            (4) Perovskite thermoelectrics

      More details can be found here


Research Interest

  • Low-dimensional nano-electronics
  • Quantum coherence and correlation effects
  • Topological states
  • Graphene and 2D materials
  • Thermoelectric and energy materials


Representative Publications: Five Selected Publications

  • Youngwoo Nam, Dong-Keun Ki, David Soler-Delgado, and Alberto F. Morpurgo, “A family of finite-temperature electronic phase transitions in graphene multilayers”, Science 362, 324 (2018)
  • Youngwoo Nam, Dong-Keun Ki, David Soler-Delgado, and Alberto F. Morpurgo, “Electron-hole collision limited transport in charge-neutral bilayer graphene”, Nat. Phys. 13, 1207 (2017)
  • Zhe Wang, Dong-Keun Ki, Diego Mauro, Jun Yong Khoo, Leonid Levitov, and Alberto F. Morpurgo, “Origin and magnitude of ‘designer’ spin-orbit interaction in graphene on semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides”, Phys. Rev. X6, 041020 (2016) 
  • Dong-Keun Ki, Vladimir I. Fal'ko, Dmitry A. Abanin, and Alberto F. Morpurgo, “Observation of Even Denominator Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Suspended Bilayer Graphene” Nano Lett.14, 2135 (2014)
  • Dong-Keun Ki and Alberto F. Morpurgo, “Crossover from Coulomb Blockade to Quantum Hall Effect in Suspended Graphene Nanoribbons” Phys. Rev. Lett.108, 266601 (2012)
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Work Experience

2018 ~ present|Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2014 ~ 2018|Collaborateur scientifique trice-II (Senior Research Associate) in Department of Quantum Matter Physics (DQMP) and Group of Applied Physics (GAP), University of Geneva, Switzerland
2010 ~ 2014|Postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Alberto Morpurgo’s group in Départment de Physique de la Matière Condensée (DPMC) and Group of Applied Physics (GAP), University of Geneva, Switzerland



2004 ~ 2010|Ph.D. in Experimental Solid-State Physics, POSTECH, Reupublic of Korea
*Thesis:  Quantum transport properties of graphene and topological insulators 
1997 ~ 2004|B.S. in Physics, POSTECH, Reupublic of Korea