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Teaching Staff

Dr. Cheung, Man Ching

Dr. Cheung, Man Ching

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

    • 2241 5472
    • 1/F, Stephen Hui Geological Museum, James Lee Sciences Building, The University of Hong Kong

    Teaching area

    • Principles of Geology
    • Geologic Heritage of Hong Kong
    • Field and Laboratory Method
    • Regional Field Studies
    • Hong Kong Geology
    • Earth Sciences Internship


    Research Interest

    • Paleoclimate Change
    • Environmental Processes
    • palynology



    • Cheung, M.C., Zong, Y., Zheng Z., Liu, Z., and Aitchison, J.C., 2017. Holocene temperature and precipitation variability on the central Tibetan Plateau revealed by multiple palaeo-climatic proxy records from an alpine wetland sequence. The Holocene vol. 27, issue 11: 1669-1681 
    • Cheung, M.C., Zong, Y., Wang, N., Aitchison, J.C., Zheng, Z., 2015. δ13Corg and n-alkane evidence for changing wetland conditions during a stable mid-late Holocene climate in the central Tibetan Plateau. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 438: 203-212.
    • Cheung, M.C., Zong, Y., Zheng Z., Huang K., Aitchison, J.C., 2014. A stable mid-late Holocene monsoon climate of the central Tibetan Plateau indicated by a pollen record. Quaternary International 333: 40-48.
    • Ali, J.R., Cheung, M.C., Aitchison, J.C., Sun, Y.D., 2013. Paleomagnetic re-investigation of Early Permian rift basalts from the Baoshan Block, SW China: constrains on the site-of-origin of the Gondwana-derived eastern Cimmerian terranes. Geophys. Jour. Int., 193: 650-663.