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Teaching Staff

Professor ASHTON, Louise Amy

Professor ASHTON, Louise Amy

Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc (Griffith University); PhD (Griffith University)

  • 3917 3313
  • 2858 3477
  • KBSB 6S01

Teaching Areas

  • Community ecology
  • Conservation ecology
  • Invertebrate zoology
  • Field ecology

Research Interest

  • Tropical rainforest ecology
  • Canopy science, food webs
  • Biodiversity and the role of insects in ecosystem function
  • Ecological responses to environmental change
  • Study groups include termites, moths and ants


Current Research

  • The impact of drought on tropical rainforests
  • The role of termites and ants in ecosystem function
  • Biogeography of herbivores and plants on an ocanic island
  • Canopy food web responses to climate change

Research Team

  • Post-doctoral Fellow: Dr Wenda Cheng (PhD)

Publications and News

  • We are about to go to Reunion for a month of field work for our National Geographic funded biodiversity study.  For updates see:
  • For publications see here.