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Engagement with Industry

Optical sensors - Issued patents / Published patent applications

Energy-Resolved X-ray Imaging Apparatus and Method\

Year: 2019

Inventor: Professor Xiaodong Cui and others

The invention is a new detector structure which relates to energy-resolved X-ray imaging and specifically relates to a structure of an image sensor for providing energy-resolved X-ray imaging.  

Label-Free Optical Sensing and Characterization of Biomolecules by d8 or d10 Metal Complexes

Year: 2012 / 2011

Inventor: Professor Yam Wing Wah Vivian and others

The present invention provides a composition for detecting and/or characterizing a multiple-charged biomolecule comprising a charged d8 or d10 metal complex, wherein the metal complex electrostatically binds to the multiple-charged biomolecule to induce aggregation and self-assembly of the metal complex through metal . . . Metal interactions, [pi] . . . [pi] interactions, or a combination of both interactions. The present invention further provides assay methods and kits for label-free optical detection and/or characterization of biomolecules carrying multiple charges, e.g., single-stranded nucleic acids, polyaspartate, polyglutamate, using a composition comprising a charged d8 or d10 metal complex.

Sensitive single-layer sensing device of covalently attached luminescent indicator on glass surface for measuring the concentration of analytes

Year: 2010

Inventor: Professor Yam Wing Wah Vivian and others

A sensing element which contains a single layer of luminescent indicator of ruthenium complexes covalently attached onto the glass surface is described. The system is capable of detecting analyte, for example, oxygen, concentration in gases or in dissolved condition in fluids by luminescence quenching of the said indicator to analyte. The sensitive single-layer system achieves reproducible and short response behavior.