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6688 Science Master Class Videos

6688 Science Master Class Videos

What makes a scientist? Let's hear what our Science Masters say!  


Professor Michael NG

Director of Research Division for Mathematical and Statistical Science

 “Our world would not exist in its present form without equations.”

Professor Vivian YAM

Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy

Chair Professor of Department of Chemistry

  “We shall bring out the passion in students and foster their joy of learning.”

Professor Ngai Ming MOK

Edmund Tse Peggy Tse Professor in Mathematics

Chair Professor of Department of Mathematics

 “You should start to develop your sense about scientific research in an early stage.”


Associate Professor of School of Biological Sciences

“Humanity must figure out how to maintain the ecosystems that support biodiversity and life.”

Professor Guochun Zhao

Chair Professor of Department of Earth Sciences

 “A good scientist should have a strong curiosity to find out something true about the world.”