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An Eye-opening Experimental Learning of Nuclear Physics

An Eye-opening Experimental Learning of Nuclear Physics

Mr Marco Tik Tsun YEUNG

• BSc student (major in Physics, minor in Chemistry)
• Participant of Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)
• Participant of Nishina School at RIKEN, Tokyo in 2018
• Participant of Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) in the field of nuclear physics in 2017


"My fruitful experience at Nishina School has ignited my interest in pursuing research in nuclear physics."


"“Participating in the Nishina School at RIKEN was very exciting, as the first named element in Asia ‘Nihonium’ was discovered there, and the experiences had come far beyond my expectation. I was first astonished when I visited the advanced large-scale facility which cannot be found in Hong Kong. It is indeed a huge effort spent in modern experimental physics that impresses all.

We spent a week working on an interesting project at an accelerator facility. This was my first hands-on experience of an ion beam experiment. Although we encountered numerous difficulties along the way, we were all able to present our findings after working with other group-mates and consulting teachers, and that was truly satisfying. The most unforgettable part was the interactions and engaging discussions among students and teachers, which enhanced my problem-solving skills. I also learnt how to operate detectors under the guidance of teachers.

Cultural exchange with students from different countries was another fascinating part of the programme. We shared our academic and day-to-day experience of our home towns, and became friends.” 

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