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12 Jan 2021

Faculty of Science receives funding of over HK$38 Million from Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2020/21 of University Grants Committee

    Eight projects of the Faculty receive funding from CRF

    Eight projects of the Faculty receive funding from CRF

    The Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) of the University Grants Committee comprises Collaborative Research Equipment Grant and Collaborative Research Project Grant, supporting multi-investigators in diverse disciplines to engage in more creative and high quality cross-disciplinary projects.

    Eight projects of the Faculty receive a funding of HKD 38,841,067 from the CRF 2020/21 in January 2021. Among the awarded projects, 4 are from the Research Division for Chemistry, 3 from the Research Division for Molecular & Cell Biology , and 1 from the Research Division of Physics & Astronomy.

    The awarded projects are as follows: 

    Principal CoordinatorResearch DivisionProject Title
    Professor Xuechen LIChemistryIntegrative Chemical Biology Approaches to Investigate the Biological Process of  Bacterial Pseudaminic Acid
    Dr Xiaoyu LIChemistry

    Development of DNA-encoded glycan constructs as multivalent influenza hemagglutinin

    inhibitors towards novel anti-influenza therapy

    Dr Yuanliang ZHAIMolecular & Cell BiologyStructure and molecular mechanisms of the eukaryotic replisome

    Professor Aleksandra DJURISIC

    Physics & AstronomyControlling the moisture – towards stable and efficient flexible perovskite solar cells
    Dr Chaogu ZHENGMolecular & Cell BiologyInvestigating protein homeostasis during neuronal development and aging through cell-specific proteomics and interactomics
    Dr Aixin YANMolecular & Cell Biology

    Deciphering the Physiological Functions and Regulation of the Endogenous CRISPR-Cas

    System for Biotechnological and Therapeutic Exploitations: Type I-F as a Paradigm

    Professor Hongzhe SUNChemistry

    Mass cytometry, a multiplexed single-cell technology for chemical biology and precision


    Professor Xuechen LIChemistryDevelopment of glycopeptide-based anti SARS-CoV-2 vaccines


    For more details about the funding results, please click here