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Public lecture - Mathematics in Games

Public lecture - Mathematics in Games
Date & Time
February 17, 2022 (Thursday) | 5:30-6:30pm
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Dr Tak Wing CHING
Assistant Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, HKU

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Mathematical knowledge and mathematical thinking are hidden everywhere.

They are also involved in different kinds of entertainments, including games of various kinds. For example, knowledge in mathematics may help us find the best strategy to play a game which guarantees a win, or to increase the chance of winning. In the 20th century, different scholars developed the game theory, which subsequently became a branch of mathematics. Game theory has many applications to different disciplines, such as economics, philosophy, political science, biology, etc. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology such as artificial intelligence, game theory is becoming more important, and has even more applications.

In this talk, Dr Tak Wing CHING will go through some examples to demonstrate how mathematics can be used to play various kinds of games. Audience can understand the talk even better if with some basic knowledge in probability. In the end, Dr Ching will briefly mention some background of game theory in mathematics.

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Dr Tak Wing CHING

Speaker Dr Tak Wing CHING

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, HKU

Dr CHING is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics. His teaching areas include linear algebra, multivariable calculus and mathematical analysis. His PhD research focused on analytic number theory; and his research interest are Waring-Goldbach problems and other problems about prime numbers.