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Information Session for DSE Students 2021

Information Session for DSE Students 2021
Date & Time
May 27, 2021 (Thurs) | 12nn-5:45pm

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Information Session for HKDSE Students – Your First Lecture at HKU Science

Learn from the best minds at HKU Science.
Experience by having your “First Lecture at HKU Science” in the Information Session for DSE Students in May.


May 27, 2021 (Thursday)
• Pre-induction talks on 6901 BSc, 6688 Science Master Class, 6729 BSc(ActuarSc), 6224  BASc(AppliedAI)
• Mock lectures by HKU Science academics

Click here for ZOOM links of talks and mock lectures

Talk 1
Talk 2


6901 BSc pre-induction talk

6224 BASc(AppliedAI) pre-induction talk


6688 Science Master Class pre-induction talk

6729 BSc(ActuarSc) pre-induction talk


Mock lecture on Biological Sciences

Mock lecture on Physics


Mock lecture on Mathematics

Mock lecture on Chemistry


Mock lecture on Earth Sciences

Mock lecture on Statistics & Actuarial Science


Mock lecture on Environmental Science



Biological SciencesAnimal BehaviourWhy do animal behaviours vary among individuals and species? How do environment and ecological interactions influence behaviours? What are the underlying genetic mechanism of a particular behaviour? In this course, students will learn to think within the ecological and evolutionary perspectives on animal behaviour.
ChemistryGo with the Electron FlowFlow is all around us, ranging from intangible information flow to tangible water flow. Through careful inspection, one will be intrigued to find that electron flow serves as the backbone to support life processes and enable a sustainable society. ​In this lecture, the teacher will share with the audience some thoughts on and experience in dealing with electron flows found in biological contexts and artificial settings, including but not limited to biofilms, DNA, proteins, sensors, energy catalysis systems, and electrochemical devices.
Earth SciencesInteresting Facts about Our EarthThis lecture will first introduce how Earth scientists investigate the history and structure of our Earth. We will discuss why Earth has liquid water on its surface, how earthquake occurs, when the first flower bloomed, and what killed more than 96% of marine species around 252 million years ago.
Environmental ScienceEmerging environmental challenges: noise and light pollutionUrban areas are expanding rapidly around the globe, nowhere faster than in Asia. Urbanisation changes the environment in significant ways.  Noise and light pollution are emerging challenges, with impacts on both wildlife and human health. Understanding these impacts can help us to mitigate these problems and to increase the sustainability of our cities.
MathematicsCounting to Infinity

Learning to count is an important developmental milestone in early childhood. But what exactly are we doing when we count? Can the process be generalised in a way that can allow us to compare sets of infinite size?

Are all infinite sets essentially having the same size?


In this mock lecture, we will try to explore the mysteries of infinite sets and to briefly discuss different sizes of infinities.

PhysicsNuclear Binding Energy and Nuclear PowerIn this lecture we will explore the structure of an atom, the fundamental building block of matter. The structure of the atomic nucleus will be introduced, along with the basic properties of the component nucleons within. The lecture will wrap up with a discussion on how an atomic nucleus can be formed with binding energy and its application for nuclear power.
Statistics & Actuarial ScienceIntroduction to Statistical LearningIn this lecture, we first review the fundamental concepts of statistical learning such as classification, regression, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning; followed by introduction of some statistical learning methods and speaker will illustrate their performance using real data examples.


Reserve seats for your preferred talks! (Deadline: May 23, 2021)