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Workshop on Hong Kong Oyster Hatchery Design and Operation

Workshop on Hong Kong Oyster Hatchery Design and Operation
Date & Time
November 18, 2022 (Friday) | HKT 1:30 - 6:00 pm
6N11, Kadoorie Building HKU

Workshop Description

Cultivation of Hong Kong (HK) oyster species (Crassostrea hongkongensis) in estuarine areas of Southern China contributes to a quarter of global edible oyster production. HK oysters are a protein and micronutrient rich seafood, mainly consumed by rising middle-class populations. Hence, sustained expansion of this sector is essential for seafood security. However, this sector faces challenges due to the declining estuarine habitats due reclamation and worsening environmental quality due to pollution — these human impacts not only directly affecting quality of oysters produced in these areas but also seriously affecting wild seed production and collection. The collected few wild seeds also experience mass mortality and their performance often unpredictable. Thus, the sustainable aquaculture in the region is now heavily depending on hatchery produced seeds. As part of this effort, recently the HKSAR has funded HKU to establish a researchbased oyster hatchery for developing novel hatchery technology to modernize the aquaculture sector in the region. The 'hatchery' project has been kicked-off few months ago in collaboration with growers and Lee Kum Kee Ltd.. Now, we have setup the hatchery and finished the trail run to provide training for the growers about hatchery design and operation.

This meeting is called:

- To discuss about the need and to learn how to setup and run an oyster hatchery;

- To demonstrate the newly designed oyster hatchery, and explain its operational protocol; and

- To identify ways through which HK oyster hatchery could be integrated with national effort to develop sustainable oyster aquaculture with global perspective. 



Friday (Nov 18) - Venue: 6N11, Kadoorie Building HKU

13:30: Registration

14:00: Opening remark

14:15: Hong Kong’s first Oyster Hatchery

14:45: Oyster hatchery in Southern China

15:30: Commercial operation of oyster hatchery in Mainland

16:00: Open discussion about hatchery design and operation Hatchery visit - Venue: Room 124, Hui Oi Chow Science Building

16:40: How to design and operate hatchery — hands-on experience

18:00: Conclusion and closing remark


Invited speakers and discussion leaders

Shu Xiao, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology

Liu Fu, Lee Kum Kee’s Oyster Hatchery manager

Ko Wai Kuen, Hong Kong Oyster Cultural and Ecological Association

Yu Tong Chan, Deep Bay Oyster Cultivation Association

Chan Kwok Leung, Local oyster grower, Hong Kong



Dr VENGATESEN, Thiyagarajan (Rajan), Director, Hong Kong Oyster Hatchery & Innovation Research Unit (HKO-HIRU)


HKU Science

HKU Knowledge Exchange



Deep Bay Oyster Cultivation Association

Lee Kum Kee Co. Ltd.

Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund - AFCD



Ms Jessie Lai (Secretariat); Email: