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Minor in Science Entrepreneurship

Programme Information

Required Courses (36 credits)

Introductory Level Courses (12 credits)

   Disciplinary Core Courses (12 credits)

   (Resource, and Management and Basic Entrepreneurship)

   ENTR2001      Professional and Leadership Development (6)

   IIMT1611       Principles of Technology Entrepreneurship (6)

Advanced Level Courses (24 credits)

  Disciplinary Core Courses (24 credits)

  (Creativity and Innovation)

  ENTR3001      Science-based Innovation Development (6)

  ENTR3002      Customer Analysis and Strategic Marketing (6)

  (Practical Experience)

  ENTR4966      Entrepreneurship Internship (6)

  ENTR4999      Entrepreneurship Project (6)


Highlights of Courses for Minor in Science Entrepreneurship


ENTR2001     Professional and Leadership Development (6 credits)

The Minor starts with ENTR2001 which is designed for training students who would like to setup their own business venture to:CEDARS logo

  • Learn how to build their founding team
  • Some basic skill sets that entrepreneurs should acquire
  • Some entrepreneur's mindset training


Part 1: Team building

  • Entrepreneurship's Personalities and skills
  • Selection of best matched co-founders

Part 2: Entrepreneurship basic skills

  • Presentation Skills & Impromptu Talk & Impromptu Talk Practice
  • Networking Skills
  • Professtional PowerPoint Presentation

Part 3: Entrepreneurship essentials

  • Meet the Insiders
  • Creativity & Innovation at Work
  • Communication, Teamwork & Leadership
  • Case Analysis & Presentation


IIMT1611       Principles of Technology Entrepreneurship (6 credits)Mr Joseph Chan

Dr. Charleston Sin is one of the key entrepreneurship experts in Hong Kong. Dr. Sin will introduce students to the entrepreurial process of the technology industry in general. Student will learn:

  • the fundamental aspects of launching a technology entrepreneurial venture to complement the research and development activities in science and technology

  • common practices in venture development process such as opportunity identification and verification, to technology transfer and commercialization
  • topics on legal subjects, e.g. intellectual properties & patent laws, and simple financing & strategic approach in the business plan…etc.


ENTR3001     Science-based Innovation Development (6 credits)Dr Kotaka

Most of the startups that investors would like to invest are those technology-based with strong Intellectual

Property protection.

Dr. Masayo Kotaka will introduce the “technology to market” approach to students so that students will learn:

  • how business opportunities can be generated from science and technology
  • the process of translating scientific ideas to commercial products and/or services and the challenges therein
  • the different regulatory requirements for science and technology-based business opportunities, including the different stages of clinical trial required for biomedical-related products/ services
  • how to identify potential business ideas from science and technology research and to synthesize a feasible action plan for a start-up company


ENTR3002     Customer Analysis and Strategic Marketing (6 credits)Dr Law

Knowing the market needs, customer preferences and business pain points are crucial for startup particularly in its early stage. Dr. Rocky Law will try to hand-in-hand go through the company formation process with students from the market segment identification to business model generation.  Students will learn how to:

  • identify customers’ needs and market situations
  • define strategies to satisfy customers’ needs and to capture market shares
  • develop systematic approaches for developing a solution from the result of analyzing the current market condition and customers’ need
  • develop a business plan to commercialize such a solution for the need
  • develop an investment proposal for pitching to angel investor


ENTR4966     Entrepreneurship Internship (6 credits)Dr Law

Gaining the essential knowledge of entrepreneurship within the classroom only provides students the materials to build a business venture. Without the opportunity to actually practice what is learnt in classroom, students will not be well equipped for the challenge from the real world. Therefore, ENTR4966 is designed for providing students to work in a startup company that is selected according to student’s preference through the help of the incubation program in HKSTP. Dr. Law will provide a bi-weekly training and coaching to students during internship period. Students group themselves into a 4-6 member team (preferably from different faculties) and focus on specific projects from these startups. Dr. Law will provide training and coaching to students during the internship period.




ENTR4999     Entrepreneurship Project (6 credits)

ENTR4999 is the last course in the Minor that is designed for students to apply what they have learnt from the last 5 courses for the creation of their own business venture. Dr. Rocky Law will assist students to:

  • Solicit 2-3 business opportunities (better to be a Billion-Dollar Idea) for their own business ventureDr Law
    • Market needs
    • HKU and other Universities
  • Screen all business opportunities by elevating its
    • Market size
    • Currently market players
    • Product niche
    • Technology protection
    • ...etc.
  • Produce a detailed business plan and an investment proposal that are erady for 
    • Business plan competition
    • Investor for fund raising purpose