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Minor in Science Entrepreneurship

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This Minor aims at opening up a new horizon for our undergraduate students with respect to entrepreneurship, by arousing their interest in entrepreneurship first and then equipping them systematically with the assistance from internal and external expertise. It is important for our students to understand and practise what they learnt in science, engineering and business subjects that (a) are relevant to the real world and (b) can help to generate business insights via critical analysis of the technology trend, market need and people behavior. With the vivid commercial environment and a growing atmosphere for start-ups both locally and globally, this Minor is expected to serve our students by offering more opportunities to them so that they can apply their academic knowledge in the start-up's world, even though they may not initiate their own start-ups in the short run.



  • To create a new career path for students
  • To assist students to set up more viable business ventures


Anticipated Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme, students should be able to:

  • apprehend the basic skillsets of a typical entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial process and the principles/models relevant to its different key stages
  • gain insights into how a broad range of disciplines contribute to the success of the entrepreneurial process
  • evaluate how scientific knowledge can cause impact to the society via entrepreneurship
  • develop feasible business plans for transforming viable ideas into start-up companies
  • effectively collaborate with team members with different internal and/or external expertise to build their business ventures from their substantially filtered ideas during the entrepreneurial process


Key Factors of the Minor

  • Multi-disciplinary Creativity-Entrepreneurship Approach
    • Science Student + Engineering Student + Business Student + …
  • Unique Hand-in-Hand Walk Through Process to create a business venture
    • Learning the essentials
    • Internship in startups
      • Learning the daily operation of the startup
      • Helping to write the investment proposal for the startup
    • Teaching and coaching by internal and external expertise
      • Practice what is learnt
      • Form their teams with different disciplines during studying
      • Setup their own startup companies
    • Post Minor follow-up activities
      • Further coaching
        • Business Plan competitions
        • Application of Incubation Program
          • iDendron at HKU
          • HKSTP/CyberPort
        • Fund raising activities
          • Government TSSSU Fund at HKU
          • Angel investors