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Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) & Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF) Schemes for Science Students

Poster Presentation of SRF/ORF/ URFP 2022-23


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The Poster Presentation of HKU Science Undergraduate Research (SRF/ORF/URFP) was conducted on October 12, 2023.




This year, a total of 88 SRF/ORF/URFP participants joined the Poster Presentation to share their research findings with our professors and fellow students. All participants and their projects were divided into five groups based on their fields of research, including Group A&B - Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics & Statistics and Actuarial Science); Group C - The Physical World (Chemistry); Group D - The Physical World (Physics and Earth Sciences); Group E - Life and Living (Biological Sciences); and Group F - Life and Living (Biochemistry). A Selection Panel members of Science Teachers, the SRF and ORF participants, and URFP summer research internship awardees were invited to evaluate their fellows’ posters design, content and presentation, selecting the best presenter from each group. The five best presenters were: 

Group A&B   Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics & Statistics and Actuarial Science)

Miss Pu Ruiling (SRF Scheme)

Supervisor:    Dr Kai Han, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

Project Title:    Controllable Text-to-Image Generation with Customized Guidance on Appearance and Position

Group C   The Physical World (Chemistry)

Mr Reese Robert Miles Ryan (ORF Scheme)

Supervisor:    Prof Sophia Yaliraki, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London

Project Title:    A Streamlined Method to Compute and Visualise Markov Communities in Biomolecules

B5_Pu RuilingC2_Reese Robert Miles Ryan

Group D   The Physical World (Physics and Earth Sciences)

Mr Chan Chung Sang Morris (ORF Scheme)

Supervisor:     Dr Mitch D'Arcy, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, The University of British Columbia

Project Title:    Spectral Characterization of Holocene Volcanic Ash and Aeolian Deposits in the North American Cordillera, Canada

Group E   Life and Living (Biological Sciences)

Miss Tsang Hin Lam (SRF Scheme)

Supervisor:     Dr Hani El-Nezami, School of Biological Sciences

Project Title:    Effect of Probiotic Mixture "Prohep" on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development

D1_Chan Chung Sang MorrisE16_Tsang Hin Lam

Group F   Life and Living (Biochemistry)

Miss Ho Sin Yiu (SRF Scheme)

Supervisor:     Dr Martin Chi Hang Cheung, School of Biomedical Sciences

Project Title:    Investigating the Role of Melanoma-secreted FSTL1 in Cancer Angiogenesis


F8_Ho Sin Yiu