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Research Output Prize 2014

'Magnetoelectric Effects and Valley-controlled Spin Quantum Gates in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Bilayers,' Nature Communications, 2013, 4:2053,

by Dr GONG Zhirui, Dr LIU Guibin, Dr YU Hongyi, Dr XIAO Di, Professor CUI Xiaodong, Dr XU Xiaodong and Dr YAO Wong.

The fied of spintronics - or spin electronics, the conceptual electronics that utillises internal degrees of freedom of electrons as information carriers - is one of the most active and important topics in modern physics, and has the potential to revolutionise information processing at the fundamental physical level. This paper reports a breakthrough in this field through the possibility, for the first time, of interplay between spin, valleys, and layer pseudospins, which are information carriers with distinct advantages. This interplay may substantially extend the functionalities of electronic devices, and the pinoeering finding points to a new type of spintronics applications in multi-valley layered 2D materials.