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Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2022

Dr Binzheng ZHANG

Dr Binzheng ZHANG
Assistant Professor
Department of Earth Sciences

Dr Binzheng ZHANG, Department of Earth Sciences received his BE (2005) and MEng (2007) degrees in electric engineering from Zhejiang University and PhD degree (2012) in engineering from Dartmouth College. He joined the University of Hong Kong in 2018, where he is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Science. 

Dr Zhang’s research focus is on supercomputer modelling of terrestrial and planetary space environment systems, with applications in space weather forecasting and numeric platforms for mission design. He has developed a general-purpose, high-performance computing-based software for simulating planetary space environments including Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These global-scale numerical models are not only useful in studying the interaction between the planet and the solar wind, but also applicable to future mission planning such as orbital design. The Jupiter model has successfully solved a decades-long mystery about Jupiter’s magnetic field structures combined with Juno mission data. Dr Zhang has also been collaborating with scientists and engineers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China National Space Administration on the Tianwen-4 mission planning, which will be launched to visit Jupiter and Uranus in 2030. 

As a scientist, engineer and teacher, Dr Zhang believes that the purpose of higher education is to prepare the most capable and dedicated for the most responsible positions and difficult service. Planetary research is a particularly challenging and exciting field, and now he’s looking forward to moving the field forward with knowledge and enthusiasm.