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Outstanding Teaching Award 2022




Dr Rachel K W LUI Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science

Dr Rachel Ka Wai LUI
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science

Dr Rachel Ka Wai LUI
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science 

"It is my dream to nurture students as learners, both in classrooms and the real world. This dream has been maturing since I was recruited as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Science in 2012. The teaching duties that I undertook in this role have helped me recognise the diversity in student backgrounds, which has prompted me to explore student-centric learning. The spectrum of diverse backgrounds that I have encountered has engendered a desire to always look for innovations that make learning more effective, which has helped define me as a teacher. In particular, I have employed a variety of strategies to promote student-centred learning in curriculum development and classroom pedagogies in Science Foundation Courses and Common Core Courses.
Addressing diversity in learners’ needs is an important aspect of the learner-centric approach. I deployed multiple pedagogical approaches such as flipping the classroom, online polling, and gamification to enhance students’ learning experiences. Supported by the Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme, I collaborated with colleagues at UCLA to develop teaching materials using a technology called Learning Glass, which increases and encourages interaction in the classroom. However, are technology and pedagogy the only answers? What would make teaching and learning more purposeful? Innovation in pedagogy is a necessary push to move learning forward, but communication with the students is more important in enhancing their understanding of the course objectives and approaches. I believe peer learning is beneficial, and high-performing students can serve as role models for their classmates. Therefore, I initiated the Senior Tutor Scheme. Since then, I have recruited active undergraduate students as Senior Tutors. It was a leap for me to add this ‘hightouch’ component to my course.

Teaching and learning is a very dynamic process. I am honoured to make contributions to this front all these years. I look forward to initiating further developments in teaching and learning in the coming years."




"Dr Lui designed a myriad of innovative classroom activities and assessment methods that made learning about AI accessible and understandable – even for non-STEM students such as myself. For example, she encouraged us to hone our technical literacy skills and express our creativity through a video project where we had to pitch an AI product, which required us to plan the technical functioning of the product and articulate how it would positively impact the lives of consumers. Crucially, students also fiercely debated the negative impacts of AI (e.g. data harvesting, invasion of privacy) as an assessment component, which stimulated meaningful and critical engagement with the course’s subject matter. 


Personally, I see this as very meaningful because Dr Lui’s pedagogy allows layman students to join the discussion on AI, rather than being deterred due to seeing it as an intimidating or overly-technical topic. Through making discourse about AI more accessible, Dr Lui plays a role in advancing our public understanding of technology – allowing us to make informed choices about our actions and values, which is particularly important in regard to a technology as groundbreaking yet controversial as AI."
LLB, current student

"Rachel waher drive to constantly look for ways to improve her ts my teacher for both SCNC1111 and SCNC3111 courses. She is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher, and never fails to display her passion for teaching in her lessons. She always manages to make her lessons interesting and engaging for students by incorporating meaningful in-class activities and discussions into her lectures, thus encouraging student participation and interaction. Outside of her lectures, Rachel is also incredibly supportive of her students. She is very willing to encourage and motivate students to try their best in her courses, and recognises students for all the effort they put into their work. 

I am currently working with Rachel as a tutor for the course SCNC1111. I really appreciate her for providing me and many other students with such a valuable learning experience. She has taught me how to be a better teacher by giving me constructive and helpful feedback as I teach. Working alongside Rachel has made me respect eaching. She works hard to refine the curricula of the courses she teaches so that they are up to date with the needs of current science students, and are accessible to students from different disciplines and majors."
BSc, current student

"Studying CCST9068 was certainly a gratifying experience. Rachel put a great deal of effort into making the course content easy to understand for students from different disciplines. One of the most memorable moments in class was when she introduced the characteristics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) via games. Through this hands-on experience, we could reflect on how AI works in different classifications of games which helped consolidate our understanding of its technical terms. This allowed students like me who did not have prior knowledge of AI to learn efficiently by emerging into a joyful learning environment. 

By covering topics ranging from healthcare, finance, law to philosophy, Rachel gave us a comprehensive background of AI. She always encouraged us to share our opinions on these topics. Her eagerness to listen to our ideas motivated me to speak up in class. She also inspired us with valuable comments which guided us to think logically and allowed us to delve further into discussions. 

Not only did Rachel’s teaching style help me build knowledge on AI from well-rounded perspectives, but it also enhanced my critical thinking skills which will have a lifelong positive influence on my learning journey."
BSc, current student