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Outstanding Distinguished Teaching Award 2008

Dr Stephen Pointing
Dr Stephen Pointing
School of Biological Sciences


Dr Pointing obtained his PhD from the UK in 1995 and then began his postdoctoral career in Hong Kong in 1996. After research positions in City University and Chinese University he appointed as a Research Assistant Professor at HKU in 1998. He became part of Faculty in 2001 and has since built a significant presence in research, teaching and service at the university. His excellence in research has been recognized with publications in leading journals such as PNAS, and he was awarded the University's inaugural Outstanding Teaching Award in 2008. Dr Pointing has, for a number of years, been involved at the highest level in curriculum development both for the new 4-year BSc Science curriculum and the Common Core Curriculum. He has also been a highly active member of working groups and committees related to formation and development of the School of Biological Sciences. A major part of his service to the Faculty has been involvement in recruitment activities both within Hong Kong and with the China Affairs Office in recruitment of mainland students. In addition Dr Pointing has been pro-active in many outreach activities including public lectures and television appearances designed to enhance visibility of the Faculty within Hong Kong and overseas.

"I am delighted and honoured to be selected as recipient of the Award for Service Contribution in 2009. I have always been passionate about contributing to the greater good of the Faculty and it is wonderful to be part of a science 'family' that is evolving so positively towards the future. I think this award is invaluable as an inspiration to all of us that our efforts in service for the university are recognized and rewarded."

Stephen Brian Pointing