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Strategic Moves, Quick Facts and Achievements


Award for Service Contribution 2005-06

Dr Hau is honoured for his untiring efforst in serving the Faculty, the Department and the community. Since joining the University in 2001, Dr Hau has dedicated great efforts to promote science and environmental life science both within and outside the Faculty. These activities range from providing extra-curricular teaching and capstone experiences for HKU students, delivering public lectures and seminars to secondary school students and the general public, participating in conservation project advisory committees., to commenting on environmental issues as requested by local and overseas media. Dr Hau has established himself, as well as HKU, amongst environmental NGOs, the media and government departments as the local expert on ecology, conservation and terrestrial biodiversity. Dr Hau received his PhD from the University of Hong Kong in 2000.

"I believe that my active involvement in promoting ecology, biodiversity and conervation in the last few years in HKU has successfully helped to raise the profile of HKU as an expert centre in this field"