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Strategic Moves, Quick Facts and Achievements


Award for Outstanding Professional Services Staff 2021-22

‘Appreciate everything associated with your workplace, be it challenge or opportunity. Embrace what your job leads you to, and you will find the way to satisfaction and happiness.’


Ms Eva Wai Ching TAM, Senior Clerk, School of Biological Sciences

Ms Eva Wai Ching TAM
Senior Clerk, School of Biological Sciences

Ms Eva TAM has happily worked in the School of Biological Sciences and formerly in the Department of Ecology & Biodiversity for nearly 30 years. During her term of service, she is responsible for handling all undergraduate matters that you can name, ranging from online syllabuses to examinations.  She also takes care of the administrative work of the teaching programmes in the School, including 7 Majors and Intensive Majors and 5 Minors, summing up to more than 80 undergraduate courses.

With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, Eva is pleased to be capable of answering the enquiries from teaching staff and also formulating solutions for the problems and difficulties they encounter. Eva is well prepared to brush up on her skills and acquire new knowledge from different perspectives in this fast-changing world. She believes only understanding and practising will help her master the essential skills for providing excellent service. She is happy to take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and to serve with appreciation, and she firmly holds this faith in her career. Eva will continually devote herself to providing good support in nourishing future leaders who might contribute to our society.


Ms Eva Tam received the Award for Outstanding Professional Services Staff 2021-22