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Strategic Moves, Quick Facts and Achievements


Award for Outstanding Professional Services Staff 2018-19

Joyce LEI

Ms Joyce Sok Fan LEI
Clerk, Department of Mathematics

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."


Ms Joyce Sok Fan LEI has joined the Department of Mathematics for 12 years. Over a decade, Joyce is known as a meticulous and industrious colleague who is capable of coping with difficult and challenging situations in a proactive manner.

Joyce takes care of the summer programmes and undergraduate student internship in the Department. She is in charge of the overall administration of the programmes, also actively engages in the planning and coordination work, to ensure smooth running of the programmes and proper project management.

In particular, the Department is greatly impressed by her excellent performance in the project of revamping the departmental and Institute of Mathematical Research (IMR) websites, which were in need of overhaul. On top of her regular duties, Joyce took up the project which involved voluminous details and obstacles, under the constraint of limited resources. Joyce was however determined to take up the ensuing challenges with her diligence and persistence. During the project time, Joyce has devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort, also taken initiatives to absorb necessary knowledge and skills from various sources in order to equip herself and solve all the encountered difficulties. Joyce’s expertise in related areas has grown substantially, and becomes a valuable and indispensable asset to the Department.

Above all, Joyce has a great team spirit; her warm and amicable personality also contributes to a conducive working atmosphere, enabling a high level of efficiency and efficacy.