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Facilities & Infrastructure

Stephen Hui Geological Museum

As the first and only geological museum in Hong Kong, the Stephen Hui Geological Museum has opened for public since January 16, 2009. It quickly became a recognised resource for Earth Science education in Hong Kong and the region, and has maintained its position as the city’s premier Earth Science gallery. A comprehensive mineral collection from all over the world collected and donated by Dr Stephen HUI forms the core of the Earth Material gallery.  


Stephen Hui Geological MuseumStephen Hui Geological Museum


About the founder

As a mining engineer and philanthropist, Dr Stephen Sze Fun Hui, was an enthusiastic collector of minerals and rocks from across the world, which he showcased to the Hong Kong public during the first mineral exhibition ever held in Hong Kong in May 1976. He generously donated his extensive collection to the University with the vision of fulfilling his dream to establish a geological museum in Hong Kong.


About the collections

With many attractive large-scale educational rock fabrications resembling an outdoor environment, the Museum depicts the natural occurrence of fossils and different rocks types usually encountered in the field. There are four major permanent galleries, namely Dynamic Earth, Earth Evolution, Earth Materials and Geological History of Hong Kong. The Museum’s collection comprises about 10,000 catalogued specimens, from which it displays a world-class collection of about 350 genuine fossils from Mainland China as well as 950 mineral and 300 rock specimens.


Students visit the Stephen Hui Geological MuseumCampus visit from secondary school students
Stephen Hui Geological MuseumThe collection at the Stephen Hui Geological Museum
The collection at the Stephen Hui Geological MuseumThe collection at the Stephen Hui Geological Museum


For more information, please visit the official website of the Stephen Hui Geological Museum