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One-stop Induction Platform for Freshers in 6901 BSc Programme

Highlights of Majors/Minors


Biochemistry (Major & Minor)

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Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences (Intensive Major & Major)

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Chemistry (Intensive Major, Major & Minor)

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Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics (Major) / Statistics (Major & Minor)

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Earth System Science

Earth System Science  (Major) / Geology (Intensive Major & Major) / Earth Sciences (Minor)

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Ecology & Biodiversitysics

Ecology & Biodiversity (Intensive Major, Major & Minor) / Marine Biology (Minor)

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Environmental Science

Environmental Science (Major & Minor)

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Food & Nutritional Science

Food & Nutritional Science (Major & Minor)

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Mathematics (Intensive Major, Major & Minor) / Computational & Financial Mathematics (Minor) / Operations Research & Mathematical Programming (Minor)

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Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (Intensive Major, Major & Minor)

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Physics (Intensive Major, Major & Minor) / Astronomy (Minor)

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Risk Management

Risk Management (Major & Minor) / Actuarial Studies (Minor)

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Science Entrepreneurship (Minor)

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