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Research Postgraduate Programme

Why HKU Science?

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in Asia (2021)


in the world (2021)


World University Rankings


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in the world (2021)


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of professoriate staff are world’s Top 1% scholars according to Clarivate Analytics’ Essential Science Indicators 2020


of academic staff are from overseas


Over 500 research students from over 13 countries






Research Eminence

  • Long history of excellence in basic research, aiming high in applied and strategic research
  • A team of outstanding scholars from around the world with a wide range of research expertise
  • Devote to nurture the next generation of science and scientifically aware graduates




    Broad range of research fields and networks

    • Brings together one school and five departments including Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
    • A number of research centres, as well as affiliations with external organizations within Hong Kong and further abroad
    • Extensive research interactions with the Government and industry sectors



    Supportive infrastructure

    • Best-equipped and modern research laboratories and facilities available within the region
    • World-class library facilities

    Immense funding

    Research contracts and funding from a variety of sources

    Attracts a significant portion of the total research funds awarded to the Faculty from

    • Research Grants Council (RGC) General Research Fund
    • RGC Co-operative Research Centre Scheme
    • The Innovation and Technology Fund
    • University Grants Committee (UGC) Areas of Excellence Scheme



    Martin Wong

    WONG Cheong-Wai, Martin

    MPhil, Class of 2016

    School of Biological Sciences

    "Within the collaborative and cross-disciplinary learning environment fostered by HKU Science, I had many opportunities to work outside my lab and learn beyond my area of focus in marine ecology. I led a field research expedition to the Philippines and was involved in a microbiome study conducted in MTR trains in collaboration with other lab groups, departments, and research institutes. This diversity of exposure – academically, interpersonally, and globally – has helped my transition into a career in health and international development. Since graduated, I have worked for the UN and NGOs in several developing countries such as Cambodia, Kenya, and Madagascar."

    WANG Zhongjian

    WANG Zhongjian

    PhD student

    Department of Mathematics

    "As a PhD candidate, I enjoy my study life in the Department of Mathematics. My supervisor, Dr. Zhiwen Zhang, is a very passionate young assistant professor. He shared many thoughtful insights with me during my thesis preparation. Also, thanks to all kinds of generous funding, I can attend conferences, workshops, discussing groups with top researchers in my field. I can even post posters to share my findings with others during conferences. Lastly, officers in the department are very helpful. All of these above provide me a great opportunity to devote myself into the interested topics."




    CHAN Ho Cheung

    CHAN Ho Cheung

    MPhil student

    Department of Physics

    "Studying MPhil in HKU is an exciting and rewarding journey. The university provides adequate individual research support and professional guidance, courses available fit my needs in completing my work. Supervisors and teachers are readily available to answer my questions regarding research and career path. Moreover, my fellow students are intellectually committed to their work as well as their life. We often have discussions not only on our scientific research, but everything from humanities, arts, finance and politics which really enlighten my mind."



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