Scientific Programme

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cocktail Reception: 6:30-8:30 pm
1/F, Terrace Room, Bishop Lei International House, 4 Robinson Road, HK

Monday, March 9, 2015

Opening: 09:00-09:30
Chair: Professor Sun Kwok, Dean of Science, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Peter Mathieson, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong
Dr Mita Brierley, Program Manager (Astronomical Infrastructure), Astronomy Australia Limited
Professor Ji Yang, Director, Purple Mountain Observatory

Morning Session Chair: Jeremy Mould

09:30-10:10Andrew HowellThe LCOGT SN Key Project (file)
10:10-10:50Xiaofeng Wang Observations of Supernovae with the AST3 and other Small-Size Telescopes in China
11:10-11:50En-wei Liang Optical Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts
11:50-12:30Xuefeng Wu Gamma-ray bursts optical observations with AST3 (file)

Afternoon Session Chair: Ji Yang

14:00-14:40Jianning FuMulti-color observations for Asteroseismology from Dome A, Antarctica
14:40-15:20Xu ZhouThe North Galactic Cap Sky Survey from SCUSS to BASS (file)
15:20-16:00David CowardThe Zadko Telescope: a fully robotic telescope for transient source and multi-messenger astronomy
16:20-16:40Yi HuThe second generation Kunlun Automated Weather station (file)
16:40-17:00Bin MaAST3 detector properties (file)
17:00-17:20Xiaoyan LiTelescope Control Software of AST3-2 (file)
17:20-17:40Huigen LiuCSTAR Survey Results of Transiting Events (file)
17:40-18:00Guoliang LiCombining Undersampled Dithered Stars (file)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Morning Session Chair: Jilin Zhou

08:30-08:50Ruth West*One Antarctic Night
08:50-09:10Lingzhi WangStellar Variability from Dome A, Antarctica
09:10-09:50Shri Kulkarni*PTF/iPTF/ZTF
10:10-10:50Zhaohui ShangAST3 in 2015 (file)
10:50-11:30Ji YangAntarctic Observatory at Chinese Kunlun Station - Progress Updates (file)
11:30-12:10Michael AshleyPLATO-A status and new instruments (file)

Afternoon Session Chair: Michael Ashley

14:00-14:40Jilin ZhouObservational Stratagem for AST3 and CSTAR-II on exoplanets (file)
14:40-15:20Chris TinneyAST3 Exoplanet - How we can help (file)
15:20-16:00Djamel MekarniaConcordia, ASTEP and Beyond (file)
16:20-16:40Shihai YangThe Control System of AST3
16:40-17:00Haikun WenThe Mechanical Design of the Second and Third Antarctic Survey Telescope (file)
17:00-17:20Lifan WangFast Radio Bursts and Seconds Time Scale Optical Transients
17:00-17:20Charling TaoAGN/QSO observations with AST3? (file)
17:20-17:40Bin MaAST3-1 photometry from Dome A (file)

Evening: Banquet
Serenade Chinese Restaurant, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Restaurant Block, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

  1. Shuttle departing meeting venue at 18:00 to restaurant
  2. Shuttle departing restaurant at 20:45 to hotels

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Morning Session Chair: Chris Tinney

08:30-09:10Sun KwokInfrared astronomy from Antarctica: Mapping of the aliphatic component of the Galaxy (file)
09:10-09:50Andrea RichichiAstrophysics at NARIT and potential for collaborations in Antarctica (file)
10:10-10:50Jeremy MouldThe Kunlun Infrared Sky Survey (KISS) Science for the AST3 IR Camera (file)
10:50-11:30Jon LawrenceAST3-NIR camera for the AST3-3/AST3-4 telescope for the Kunlun Infrared Sky Survey (KISS) (file)
11:30-11:50Xiangyan YuanDevelopment of AST3 and AST3-NIR (file)
11:50-12:10Haiping LuThe preliminary analysis of stray light for AST3-3 Near-infared Camera (file)


14:00-14:40Jilin ZhouGoal of AST3-1 and CSTAR-II in 2015
14:40-15:25Michael AshleyPower to Dome A (file)
15:25-16:00Lifan Wang2015 AST3 SN Survey

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