Abstracts List

NameTitleTalk/Poster Abstract
Michael AshleyPLATO-A status and new instrumentsAbstract
David CowardThe Zadko Telescope: a fully robotic telescope for transient source and multi-messenger astronomyAbstract
Jianning FuMulti-color observations for Asteroseismology from Dome A, AntarcticaTo be added
Dale Andrew HowellThe LCOGT SN Key ProjectAbstract
Yi HuWeather stationTo be added
Shri Kulkarni*PTF/iPTF/ZTFTo be added
Jonathan LawrenceAST3NIR-CamTo be added
Guoliang LiImage DrizzleTo be added
Xiaoyan LiTelescope Control Software of AST3-2Abstract
En-Wei LiangOptical Emission of Gamma-Ray BurstsTo be added
Huigen LiuCSTAR resultsTo be added
Haiping LuThe stray light analysis for AST3-3Abstract
Bin MaAST3 detector propertiesAbstract
Bin MaAST3-1 photometry from Dome A and MoheAbstract
Djamel MekarniaConcordia, ASTEP and BeyondAbstract
Jeremy MouldKISSTo be added
Andrea RichichiNARIT and Antarctic AstronomyAbstract
Zhaohui ShangAST3 in 2015Abstract
Christopher TinneyAST3 Exoplanet Follow-UpAbstract
Lingzhi WangStellar Variability from Dome A, AntarcticaAbstract
Xiaofeng WangObservations of Supernovae with the AST3 and other Small-Size Telescopes in ChinaTo be added
Haikun WenThe Mechanical Design of the Second and Third Antarctic Survey TelescopeAbstract
Xuefeng WuGamma-ray bursts optical observations with AST3To be added
Ji YangKDUST and DATE5To be added
Shihai YangThe Control System of AST3Abstract
Xiangyan YuanAST3NIR telescopeTo be added
Kaicheng ZhangObservations of SN 2011fe by BAO and YNAOAbstract
Jilin ZhouObservational Stratagem for CSTAR and AST3-1 on exoplanetsAbstract
Xu ZhouThe project of North Galactic Cap SurveryTo be added
*Talk given via internet

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