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Stavros AkrasFirst prove of shock-excited H2 in low-ionization structures of PNe (Oral)Abstract
Rodolfo AngeloniThe Sanduleak's star in the Large Magellanic Cloud (Oral)Abstract
Bruce BalickUnravelling the histories of pre planetary nebulae (Invited)Abstract
Andrzej BaranCompanions to sdB stars (Poster)Abstract
Helen BarkerTesting the binary hypothesis with VPHAS+: searching for planetary nebula central star infra-red excess (Poster)Abstract
Valentin BujarrabalMolecular line imaging of young planetary nebulae (Invited)Abstract
Franco CataldoLaboratory study of carbonaceous dust and molecules of astrochemical interest (Invited)Abstract
Jose CernicharoThe ALMA view of IRC+10216 (Oral)Abstract
Huan-Cheng ChangDiamonds in space (Invited)Abstract
Seok-Jun ChangFormation of broad Balmer wings in symbiotic stars (Poster)Abstract
Wen-Ping ChenDiscovery of million-year-old methane dwarfs (Poster)Abstract
You-Hua ChuWolf-Rayet Nebulae (Invited)Abstract
Romano CorradiBinarity in the late stages of stellar evolution: the link between PNe, symbiotic stars, novae and SNe Ia (Invited)Abstract
Nick CoxPAHs and H2 in the Ring Nebula (Oral)Abstract
Kris DavidsonGiant eruptions of very massive stars (Oral)Abstract
Kris DavidsonRecovery from a giant eruption: the case of eta Car (Poster)Abstract
Elvire De BeckTiO2 and dust formation around the red supergiant VY CMa (Oral)Abstract
Francesco Di MilleA search for classical novae in nearby southern galaxies (Poster)Abstract
José Jairo Díaz-LuisA search for hydrogenated fullerenes in fullerene-containing Planetary Nebulae (Oral)Abstract
Pham Ngoc DiepModelling the radio emission of the gas envelope of evolved axially symmetric stars (Poster)Abstract
Van Trung DinhProbing the clumpy and asymmetric mass loss from evolved stars using molecular emission (Invited)Abstract
Danica DraskovicDiscovery of new planetary nebulae in the SMC (Poster)Abstract
David FrewThe H-alpha surface brightness - radius plane as a diagnostic for stellar ejecta (Oral)Abstract
Cezary GalanChemical abundances of giants in the S-type symbiotic systems. Metallicity, CNO abundance patterns, and S-process pollution (Oral)Abstract
Domingo Aníbal García-HernándezTransitory O-rich chemistry in heavily obscured C-rich post-AGB stars (Oral)Abstract
Tom GeballeThe diffuse interstellar bands (Invited)Abstract
Stephan GeierHot subdwarf stars and their connection to thermonuclear supernovae (Poster)Abstract
Marcin GladkowskiComparison between 30 micron sources in different galaxies (Oral)Abstract
Fiona HealyMulti-epoch radio observations of nova Mon 2012 (Oral)Abstract
Andrew HeltonStellar Astrophysics with the Stratospheric Observatory for infrared Astronomy (Poster)Abstract
Jeong-Eun HeoRaman-scattered O VI l1032 and He II l1025 and bipolar outflow in the symbiotic star V455 Sco (Poster)Abstract
Kenneth HinkleAtmospheric structure and the mass loss process in Miras (Oral)Abstract
Naomi HiranoMolecular and ionized gas in the central part of the bipolar planetary nebula NGC 6302 (Poster)Abstract
Bruce HrivnakPulsational Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae and Other Post-AGB Objects (Invited)Abstract
Chih-Hao HsiaThe Mutliple lobes and geometric model of Hubble 12: A young planetary nebula with two pairs of H2 knots (Poster)Abstract
Po-Sheng HuangThe shaping of multipolar pre-planetary nebulae by multi-epoch bullets (Poster)Abstract
Roberta HumphreysLuminous Blue Variables and Hypergiants -- the Evidence for High Mass Loss Events (Invited)Abstract
Puji IrawatiWhite dwarf binaries: Fast photometry from the Thai 2.4m telescope with ULTRASPEC (Poster)Abstract
Kazunori IshibashiNear IR observations of eta Car: Reaching its critical rotation? (Poster)Abstract
Christine JoblinRole of UV processing in the chemistry of hydrocarbons and carbon dust in Protoplanetary Nebulae (Oral)Abstract
David JonesThe discovery and characterisation of binary central stars in planetary nebulae (Oral)Abstract
Devika KamathChemical diversity of post-AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds: a gateway to understanding the evolved stages of stellar evolution (Oral)Abstract
Young-Woon KangThe chemical composition of binary and single stars and the signs of accretion of hydrogen and helium from interstellar environment (Poster)Abstract
Denise KellerTracing the chemistry in the clumpy shells around carbon-rich AGB-stars with the VLA (Oral)Abstract
Hyosun KimSpiral-shells and nascent bipolar outflow in CIT 6: Hints for an eccentric-orbit binary? (Poster)Abstract
Hanindyo KuncarayaktiThe binary progenitors of core-collapse supernovae (Poster)Abstract
Sun KwokPhysics and Chemistry of the late stages of stellar evolution (Introduction)Abstract
John LattanzioAGB star evolution nucleosynthesis (Invited)Abstract
Chin-Fei LeeExplosive Events in the Pre-planatary Nebula CRL 618 (Oral)Abstract
Hee-Won LeeProfile Disparity of Raman Scattered OVI in Symbiotic Stars (Oral)Abstract
Xiaohu LiIndicators of N2 ultraviolet shielding in S-type AGB stars (Poster)Abstract
Wenping LiaoMass-transfer in close binary and their companions (Poster)Abstract
Xiaowei LiuLAMOST spectroscopic surveys and planetary nebulae in the outskirt of the Andromeda (Invited)Abstract
Robin LombaertThe dust composition of the OH/IR superwind (Oral)Abstract
Jose Alberto LópezKinematic Evolution of the Ionized Shells of PNe (Invited)Abstract
Matthias MaerckerALMA observations of the not-so detached shell around the carbon AGB star R Sculptoris (Oral)Abstract
Arturo ManchadoOn the formation of molecules and solid-state compounds from the AGB to the PN phases (Invited)Abstract
Tom MillarChemistry in AGB stars - successes and challenges (Invited)Abstract
Young Chol MinhChemical anatomy of a massive star-forming region G33.92+0.11 (Invited)Abstract
Mark MorrisThe Prevalence and Implications of Sharp Outer Edges of Disks in Preplanetary Nebulae (Oral)Abstract
Chow-Choong NgeowComparison of multi-band period-luminosity relations for classical Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds (Poster)Abstract
Masatoshi OhishiSearch for complex organic molecules in space (Invited)Abstract
Hans OlofssonAn ALMA view of the circumstellar environment of the post-common-envelope-evolution binary system HD101584 (Oral)Abstract
Takashi OnakaOrganic dust in galaxies (Invited)Abstract
Takashi OnakaNear-infrared views of dust in planetary nebulae: AKARI/IRC NIR spectral atlas of galactic PNe (Poster)Abstract
Gabor OroszTrigonometric distance and maser kinematics of the fastest water fountain source (Poster)Abstract
Masaaki OtsukaProperties of the fullerene C60-containing PN Lin49 in the SMC (Oral)Abstract
Masaaki OtsukaA multiwavelength study of the PN Hen 3-1357 (Stingray Nebula); properties of the nebula, central star, and dust (Poster)Abstract
Miyako OyadomariKaVA ESTEMA Project (Poster)Abstract
Miyako OyadomariCorrelation between variable pulsation phase and SiO masers distribution (Poster)Abstract
Tali PalmaOGLE photometry of symbiotic stars in the Magellanic Clouds (Poster)Abstract
Quentin ParkerThe new Hong-Kong/AAO/Strasbourg multi-wavelength and spectroscopic PNe database (Invited)Abstract
Quentin ParkerNew DSH planetary nebulae and candidates from optical and infrared surveys (Poster)Abstract
A. Beate C. PatzerSmall molecular carbide clusters as precursors of dust particles in extended atmospheres of AGB stars (Poster)Abstract
Ondrej PejchaCool and luminous transients from mass-losing binary stars (Poster)Abstract
Qiuhe PengThe observed evidence of both invalidating black hole model at the Galactic Center and magnetic monopole existence (Poster)Abstract
Víctor Pérez MesaRb and Zr abundances in massive Galactic AGB stars revisited (Poster)Abstract
Shengbang QianInteractions between planets and evolved stars (Invited)Abstract
Guojun QiaoTo check the radio and Gamma-ray radiation mechanism of pulsars (Poster)Abstract
Guillermo Quintana-LacaciHints of a Spiral Structure in the Innermost Regions Around IRC+10216 (Oral)Abstract
Nicole ReindlThe extremely rapid evolution of the central star of the Stingray nebula - Latest news from the HST (Oral)Abstract
SeyedAbdolreza SadjadiTheoretical efforts in identification of interstellar organic molecules (Oral)Abstract
Raghvendra SahaiVariable X-Ray and UV Emission from AGB Stars: Accretion Activity associated with Binarity (Invited)Abstract
Itsuki SakonConcurrent Formation of Carbon and Silicate Dust in Nova V1280 Sco (Oral)Abstract
Detlef SchönbernerDynamical evolution of planetary nebulae (Invited)Abstract
Wolfgang Steffen3-D structures of planetary nebulae (Invited)Abstract
Ryszard SzczerbaStellar evolution in the Outer Galaxy (Oral)Abstract
Toshiya UetaThe Dusty Side of Planetary Nebulae: a HerPlaNS view (Oral)Abstract
Shane VickersA homogenised distance catalogue for the Galactic Post-AGB population (Poster)Abstract
Robert WilliamsNovae and luminous transients (Invited)Abstract
Ka Tat WongResolving the Extended Atmosphere and Inner Wind of Mira (omicron Ceti) with the ALMA Long Baseline (Oral)Abstract
Ka Tat WongProbing ammonia formation in oxygen-rich circumstellar envelopes (Poster)Abstract
Yuefang WuAn investigation of interaction between WR stars and their surrounding gas (Oral)Abstract
Andres YagueS-process nucleosynthesis in AGB stars with the full spectrum of turbulence (FST) scheme for convection (Poster)Abstract
Yuan-Gui YangCometary grains in the HD 32297 debris disk (Poster)Abstract
Hong Kiu Bosco YungIdentification of oxygen-rich late/post-asymptotic giant branch stars and water fountains via maser and infrared criteria (Poster)Abstract
Miloslav ZejdaStudy of neglected (near-)contact binaries using small telescopes (Poster)Abstract
Yong ZhangDetection of C60 in circumstellar environments (Oral)Abstract
Liying ZhuSubstellar objects around the sdB eclipsing binaries (Poster)Abstract

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