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The proceedings will be published by IOP Publishing Ltd. as an open access volume of Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

Page limits:

  1. Invited talks: 8 pages
  2. Contributed talks: 4 pages
  3. Posters: 2 pages

Information for authors:

Detailed format guidelines can be found at

  1. LaTex templates can also be downloaded here:, OR one by one: sample.tex, jpconf.cls, iopams.sty, jpconf11.clo, name.eps, bibtex package: README, iopart-num.tex, iopart-num.bib, iopart-num.bst, iopart-num.pdf
  2. The articles will be typeset according to the macros or templates. Please do NOT attempt to change any format; all changes will be ignored or removed prior to final compilation of the volume.
  3. The online version will be published in colour. However, the printed version will be in black and white.

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Peer review:

This proceedings is subject to the IOP Peer Review Policy.

Things to submit:

Please provide to the Editor by email (

  1. tamper-free .tex file; and
  2. the very best images possible (please provide black and white figures for the printed version).

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