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The Faculty took the initiative to create the captioned project for the community last year.  Our pilot project attracted 79 participants from 33 different schools, and their artworks were viewed by more than 20,000 people at eight different locations. With the success and overwhelming positive feedback from participants and exhibitions viewers, we are pleased to offer this project again with new workshops.  In order to help us achieve our aims again, we rely on donations from individuals like you to maximize the experience of students with different backgrounds.

Please be assured that your contribution will be put to good use in providing food, transportation, T-shirts, and materials used in the workshops for our participants. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting our youth with a $500 donation, an equivalent of 25 lunch boxes for our participants. We are happy to acknowledge your donation on our website and at our numerous events unless you prefer otherwise.  With your help, we can inspire our younger generation and trigger their imagination in the future science and technology development. In addition, we believe that students and the public will experience the synergy of art and science together instead of appreciating them separately.

Sponsorship Form

If you would like to discuss other ways to support the project, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Benny C. H. Ng

Projector Director