About the Workshops


Workshop 1. Capture the Moment in Laboratory (The Quota is Full)

Workshop 1

In this workshop, students will learn basic photography techniques such as composition and lighting from experts from Journalism Media Studies Centre.  Laboratory tour will be arranged for the students to apply their just learned techniques to capture the special moment in laboratories.

Maximum participants: 20 students (The Quota is Full)

Please bring a digital camera with you.

Workshop 2. Platonic and Archimedean solids + String Arts


Welcome to the world of Euclidean geometry! In the first part of this workshop, students will learn to make Platonic solids and Archimedean solids using colourful Perspex . Later on, students will learn String Arts and will organize coloured thread strung between points to form fascinating geometric patterns.

Maximum participants: 20 students

Workshop 3. Painting on Canvas  (The Quota is Full)


After the lectures in the morning workshop, students should have some basic ideas on the nature of science. In this workshop, students are expected to manifest the abstraction of science in the form of painting. They may depict scientists or express their views on scientific developments.

Maximum participants: 20 students (The Quota is Full)

Workshop 4. Create the Impossibility by LEGO - Learn Escher, Go On! (The Quota is Full)


In this workshop, students will learn how to make the impossible constructions illustrated by the Dutch painter MC Escher.  Some of his works such as waterfall and relativity will be built by LEGO and our LEGO experts will assist our students to realize the impossibility.

Maximum participants: 30 students (The Quota is Full)