About the Workshops


Workshop 1. Revealing the Hidden Order in Our Everyday Life (The Quota is Full)

Hidden Order Painting

Do you know what golden barrel cactus in the desert in Mexico, nautilus shells in Great Barrier Reef, sunflower seeds in your garden and the Milky Way in the Universe have in common? They all follow a curve called spiral. Indeed, there are many other hidden patterns in nature and in everyday life. In this workshop, participants are expected to manifest these hidden orders by painting.

Maximum participants: 30 students (The Quota is Full)

We will provide canvas, easels, paint and paint brushes. Please bring your stationery kit such as pencils, eraser, a 30cm-long ruler, a hair dryer, and an apron (if necessary) with you.

工作坊一:揭開日常生活中的隱藏秩序 (名額已滿)


工作坊人數上限:30人 (名額已滿)


Workshop 2. Platonic Solids by Paper Folding

Platonic Solids

What is so special about the Platonic solids that they attracted the attention of the famous Greek philosopher Plato? On the one hand, these highly symmetrical 3D objects signify our craving for symmetry in Art; on the other hand, symmetry has also been an important guiding principle for explorations in Science. In this workshop participants will use the techniques of paper folding to construct the Platonic solids. Paper folding itself is also at the interface of Science and Art: while it can be used to create beautiful artworks, it demonstrates to us how 2D objects can be transformed into 3D entities. If time permits, participants will explore the making of other symmetrical objects such as the Archimedean solids and stellating polyhedra.

Maximum participants: 30 students

Image Courtesy to http://omartk.deviantart.com/

工作坊二: 摺紙變出柏拉圖立體

柏拉圖立體有何特別,足以吸引希臘著名哲學家柏拉圖的注意?一方面,這些高度對稱的立體標誌着我們在藝術中對對稱的熱愛;另一方面,很多科學的探索都以對 稱作為重要的指引。在這個工作坊裏,參加者會運用摺紙的技巧去建構這些柏拉圖立體。摺紙本身也是處於科學與藝術的交界之上:它不僅可用來造出美麗的藝術作 品,同時也展示了平面物品如何可轉變成立體。時間許可的話,參加者還可一試建構其他對稱的立體,比如阿基米德立體和星形多面體。


Workshop 3. Mosaic Creation (M. C.), Escher!  (The Quota is Full)

Mosaic Church

Tessellations can be found from a tiled floor at your home to honeycombs in the garden.  It can also be found in the art work of a Dutch painter, M.C. Escher. Tessellation is created when one or more geometrical shapes are applied repeatedly to cover a plane without any gaps or overlaps. In Latin, tessella is a small cubical piece of clay, stone or glass used to make mosaics, a form of decorative art. In this workshop, participants will learn some basic mathematical principles behind tessellation and work together to create a piece of mosaic art featuring an art work by M. C. Escher.

Maximum participants: 30 students (The Quota is Full)

M.C. Escher Metamorphosis III

工作坊三:馬賽克創作,M. C. Escher!(名額已滿)

Circle Limited III 

從你家中的瓷磚地板,到花園裡的蜂窩,均可見密鋪平面(Tessellation)的蹤跡。而荷蘭畫家M. C. Escher,亦有把這個技巧使用於他的的藝術作品中。密鋪平面其實是利用一個或多個幾何形狀,重複涵蓋整個平面,使當中沒有任何間隙或重疊。在拉丁語中,tessella是指一塊粘土、石頭或玻璃鑲嵌成名為馬賽克的裝飾藝術。在這個工作坊中,學生將學習一些有關密鋪平面的數學原理,並攜手合作創造一幅M. C. Escher的馬賽克藝術作品。

工作坊人數上限: 30人 (名額已滿)

Workshop 4. Molecular Gastronomy (The Quota is Full)Molecular Gastronomy Sample

For people in the modern society, eating is no longer just for survival and satiation, but is also for sensory enjoyment and even artistic appreciation. This workshop will introduce how the chemistry between science and art is manifested in the new and innovative dining experience – molecular gastronomy. Participants will learn the basic techniques and underlying principles therein, and apply them for creating their masterpiece of work.

Maximum participants: 20 students (The Quota is Full)



工作坊人數上限:20人 (名額已滿)

Workshop 5. Science in Action: Be a Movie Director Using LEGO Bricks  (The Quota is Full)

In this workshop, participants will work as a team of five to create a science storyline, design and build the scenes using LEGO bricks.  With assistant from our LEGO experts, participants will express their short story in a 15 to 20 seconds movie by taking a sequence of still images.  If time permits, participants will also add some after effects to their movie.

Maximum participants: 20 students (The quota is full)

工作坊五:行動中的科學:用樂高積木成為一個電影導演  (名額已滿)


工作坊人數上限:20人 (名額已滿)