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Science Communication YouTuber Challenge: Currio’s Science Co-Host Search Contest

Dare to take the challenge and promote science literacy like Currio? Join us at the Science Communication Video Contest and compete for the co-host of our fun science programme ‘Q&A with Currio’ at our YouTube Channel.

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Professor Jimmy JIAO Receives Prestigious M King Hubbert Award from NGWA
Science Teachers Recognised with HKU Excellence Outstanding Researcher and Teaching Excellence Awards 2023
Faculty of Science Secures Funding for High-quality Cross-disciplinary Research Projects in 2023/24 Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)
Three Scientific Research Projects Receive Funding in NSFC/RGC Joint and Collaborative Research Schemes
Nobel Notes: An Interview with Professor Sir Fraser STODDART
Genomic Analysis of Seized Pangolin Scales Illuminates Pathways of Illegal Trade from Africa to Asia
New Geophysical Technique Enhances Imaging of Fluid-Filled Rocks Finding Connections with Microearthquakes
HKU Astrophysicist Connects Ancient Chinese Astronomy and Modern Space Research
Food & Nutritional Science Alumnus Redefining Luxury Sparkling Tea
The Future of Science is Female
HKU Students Shine Again with Gold Medal in International iGEM Competition 2023
Physics PhD Student Honoured with Research Postgraduate Student Innovation Award
Science Odyssey @HKU Alumni Day
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