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From Passion to Profession: How Our Undergraduates Launched Their Careers

We are pleased to introduce our inaugural annual publication, Science Sparks, which is the fruit of our tireless efforts to revamp our long-established newsletter. Science Sparks embodies the spark of innovative fire ignited by curiosity and creativity. In this publication, we highlight the dynamic trajectories of some of our ground-breaking projects over the past year, from laboratory experimentation to real-world application. These initiatives transcend academic boundaries and shed light on transitioning from laboratory exploration to impactful deployment.

Synthesise Antibiotics to Fight Against Superbugs Simple, Safe, and Affordable COVID-19 Treatment on the Horizon Revolutionising and Advancing Oyster Aquaculture Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow
Expert Exchanges
Excitement as the Driving Force for New Discoveries
Moving Science Forward
Moving Science Forward – Fuelling a Passion for Restoring Marine Ecosystems Science Professionals@Work – Navigating the Skies with Heart: The Path to Meteorology
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Establishment of JC STEM Lab of Molecular Imaging

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Establishment of JC STEM Lab of Molecular Imaging
Joint Study by HKU and HKUST on DNA Replication Initiation Selected as One of Top 10 Scientific Advances in China for 2023
2023 Chinese Chemical Society Young Chemist Award
Understanding Epigenetic Inheritance: HKU Biologists Discovered the Secrets of How Gene Traits are Passed on
Paving Way for Sustainable Organic Synthesis with Innovative Heterogeneous Copper Photocatalysis
Cracking the Case of the ‘Disappearing’ Sulphur in Planetary Nebulae
TouchStart Science Summer Programme
New Staff
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