Abstract Submission

Online abstract submission is available as of 1 September 2011.

Submission deadline: 17 March, 2012

Both contributed talks and posters will be accepted for SpS16.

Abstracts must be sent to the official IAU GA 2012 website at:


before the abstract submission deadline. Any abstracts submitted later than this will still be considered but will not appear in the official book of abstracts and must be sent to:


List of abstracts

Name Title of presentation Oral/Poster Link to abstract
Mandy Bailey Using Diffuse Interstellar Bands to Probe the Local Bubble Contributed Talk Abstract
Jan Cami Fullerenes in Circumstellar and Interstellar Environments Invited Talk Abstract
Guillermo Manuel Muñoz Caro Laboratory Simulations of Chemical Processes under Interstellar Conditions Invited Talk Abstract
Franco Cataldo A Review on Amorphous Carbon and Carbon-rich Compounds in Space Invited Talk Abstract
Xiuhui Chen On Graphene in Space Poster Abstract
Nick Cox New Views on Diffuse Interstellar Band Carriers Invited Talk Abstract
Ankan Das Chemical Composition of the Interstellar Grain Mantle Poster Abstract
Walt Duley Carbon Nanoparticles and Carbonaceous Solids Invited Talk Abstract
Pascale Ehrenfreund Prebiotic Matter in Space: Recent Results from Observations, Laboratory Analyses and Space Experiments Invited Talk Abstract
Jian Gao Modeling the Infrared Extinction Law and Reestimating the Extinction at the Visual Band towards the Galactic Center Poster Abstract
T. R. Geballe Infrared Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the Galactic Center Contributed Talk Abstract
Marie Godard The Deep 3.4 mm Interstellar Absorption Feature toward the IRAS 18511+0146 Cluster Contributed Talk Abstract
Marie Godard Effects of Cosmic Rays on the 3.4 mm Interstellar Absorption Band Poster Abstract
Xinchuan Huang Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecules in Space by Theoretical Chemistry: From Rovibrational Spectroscopic Constants to CO2/SO2 IR Line Lists Contributed Talk Abstract
Cornelia Jäger Spectroscopic Properties of Carbonaceous Matter from the Laboratory Invited Talk Abstract
Biwei Jiang Spitzer Spectroscopy of Crystalline Silicate Features in 16 Evolved Stars Poster Abstract
Christine Joblin Unidentified Infrared Emission Features Invited Talk Abstract
Anthony Jones Amorphous Hydrocarbon Dust Evolution in the ISM: Theory, Modelling and Observation Invited Talk Abstract
Sun Kwok Unexplained Spectral Phenomena in the ISM Invited Talk Abstract
Rosine Lallement Studies of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in Cool Star Spectra Contributed Talk Abstract
Aigen Li Dust Spectroscopy in the Early Universe Invited Talk Abstract
Qiong Li Modeling the Infrared Emission of C60 Poster Abstract
Jiaming Liu On FeO as a Carrier of the Mysterious Poster Abstract
Jiren Liu On the Origin of the X-ray Emission of the Superwind of M82 Poster Abstract
Ingrid Mann Nanodust in the Interstellar Medium: Comparison to Observations in the Solar System Contributed Talk Abstract
Mikako Matsuura The 6.9-micron and 15.8-micron Features in Magellanic Cloud Post-AGB Stars Contributed Talk Abstract
Anju Maurya Computational IR Spectra of PAHs with Multiple Vinyl Side Groups Poster Abstract
Vito Mennella Synthesis and Transformation of Carbonaceous Nanoparticles Invited Talk Abstract
Giacomo Mulas PAHs and the Interstellar Extinction Curve Invited Talk Abstract
Takashi Onaka Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Diffuse Galactic Emission Invited Talk Abstract
Thomas Pino Laboratory Analogues of the Carbonaceous Dust: Synthesis of Soot-like Materials and their Properties Invited Talk Abstract
Hongquan Su Distances of Supernova Remnants G31.9+0.0 and G24.7-0.6 by HI Absorption Spectrum Poster Abstract
Ryszard Szczerba Mixed Chemistry Phenomenon in the Galactic Bulge Planetary Nebulae Contributed Talk Abstract
Uma P. Vijh Photoluminescence by Interstellar Dust: Extended Red Emission (ERE) and Blue Luminescence (BL) Invited Talk Abstract
Kevin Volk Carbon Star Dust Features: The 21 and 30 Micron Features Invited Talk Abstract
M.L. Wang The Carriers of the Unidentified Infrared Emission Bands: Aromatic or Aliphatic? Poster Abstract
Fuyuan Xiang Diffuse Interstellar Bands versus Interstellar Extinction Contributed Talk Abstract
Hai-Bo Yuan Detections of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the SDSS Low-resolution Spectra Contributed Talk Abstract
Ke Zhang The Mysterious 30 Micrometer Emission Feature of Evolved Stars: MgS or Graphite? Poster Abstract

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