Scientific Programme

Monday, August 27
Session chair (morning) Sun Kwok
10:30Opening Introduction / Unexplained Spectral Phenomena in the ISM (Invited)Sun Kwok
11:00Unidentified Infrared Emission Features (Invited)Christine Joblin
11:30New Views on Diffuse Interstellar Band Carriers (Invited)Nick Cox
12:00PAHs and the Interstellar Extinction Curve (Invited)Giacomo Mulas
Session chair (afternoon) T. R. Geballe
14:00Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Diffuse Galactic Emission (Invited)Takashi Onaka
14:30Photoluminescence by Interstellar Dust: Extended Red Emission (ERE) and Blue Luminescence (BL) (Invited)Uma P. Vijh
15:00Carbon Star Dust Features: The 21 and 30 Micron Features (Invited)Kevin Volk
15:30Coffee Break
Session chair (afternoon 2) Christine Joblin
16:00Infrared Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the Galactic CenterT. R. Geballe
16:15The Deep 3.4 mm Interstellar Absorption Feature toward the IRAS 18511+0146 ClusterMarie Godard
16:30Dust Spectroscopy in the Early Universe (Invited)Aigen Li
17:00Studies of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in Cool Star SpectraRosine Lallement
17:15Using Diffuse Interstellar Bands to Probe the Local BubbleMandy Bailey
17:30Fullerenes in Circumstellar and Interstellar Environments (Invited)Jan Cami
18:00Detections of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the SDSS Low-resolution SpectraHai-Bo Yuan
Tuesday, August 28
Session chair (morning) Vito Mennella
10:30Amorphous Hydrocarbon Dust Evolution in the ISM: Theory, Modelling and Observation (Invited)Anthony Jones
11:00Prebiotic Matter in Space: Recent Results from Observations, Laboratory Analyses and Space Experiments (Invited)Pascale Ehrenfreund
11:30Spectroscopic Properties of Carbonaceous Matter from the Laboratory (Invited)Cornelia Jäger
12:00Carbon Nanoparticles and Carbonaceous Solids (Invited)Walt Duley
Session chair (afternoon) Pascale Ehrenfreund
14:00Nanodust in the Interstellar Medium: Comparison to Observations in the Solar SystemIngrid Mann
14:15Diffuse Interstellar Bands versus Interstellar ExtinctionFuyuan Xiang
14:30Laboratory Simulations of Chemical Processes under Interstellar Conditions (Invited)Guillermo Manuel Muñoz Caro
15:00Synthesis and Transformation of Carbonaceous Nanoparticles (Invited)Vito Mennella
15:30Coffee Break
Session chair (afternoon 2) Walt Duley
16:00Laboratory Analogues of the Carbonaceous Dust: Synthesis of Soot-like Materials and their Properties (Invited)Thomas Pino
16:30A Review on Amorphous Carbon and Carbon-rich Compounds in Space (Invited)Franco Cataldo
17:00The 6.9-micron and 15.8-micron Features in Magellanic Cloud Post-AGB StarsMikako Matsuura
17:15Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecules in Space by Theoretical Chemistry: From Rovibrational Spectroscopic Constants to CO2/SO2 IR Line ListsXinchuan Huang
17:30Mixed Chemistry Phenomenon in the Galactic Bulge Planetary NebulaeRyszard Szczerba