List of abstracts

Name Title of presentation Oral/Poster Link to abstract
Yuri AikawaAstrochemical models of water in molecular clouds and protoplanetary disksInvited TalkAbstract
Dominique Bockelee-MorvanWater in small bodies of the Solar SystemInvited TalkAbstract
John P. BradleyWater and organics in interplanetary dust particlesInvited TalkAbstract
Paola CaselliWater, ammonia, methanol and complex molecules in the earliest phases of star formationContributed TalkAbstract
Athena CoustenisOrganic chemistry on planetary satellites around the gas giants and implications for habitabilityInvited TalkAbstract
Emmanuel DartoisOrganics in the interstellar/circumstellar mediumInvited TalkAbstract
Pascale EhrenfreundSearch for water and life's building blocks in the universe: A summaryInvited TalkAbstract
Linda T. Elkins-TantonInternal Sources for Water on EarthInvited TalkAbstract
Helen J. FraserHow does the Porosity of Interstellar Ice Affect Chemical Complexity and Deuteration Exchange?Contributed TalkAbstract
Pedro Garcia-LarioThe formation of aromatic molecules in heavily obscured post-AGB stars with O-rich masersContributed TalkAbstract
Paul F. GoldsmithA Mission to Study Water Throughout The UniverseContributed TalkAbstract
Louis Le Sergeant d HendecourtWhy Interstellar Ices Can Be Considered As Precursors For Prebiotic ChemistryContributed TalkAbstract
Jes K. JorgensenProtostellar Interferometric Line Survey (PILS): Constraining the formation of complex organic molecules with ALMAContributed TalkAbstract
Sun KwokWater and Organics in the Universe: an introductionInvited TalkAbstract
Sheng-Yuan LiuThe C2H4O Isomeric Triplet in Orion KLContributed TalkAbstract
Rosaly M. LopesThe Geology of Titan as Revealed by CassiniContributed TalkAbstract
Zita MartinsOrganic Molecules in MeteoritesInvited TalkAbstract
Soko MatsumuraThe Delivery of Biogenic Species to Terrestrial PlanetsContributed TalkAbstract
Karen J. MeechOrigins of Water in the Solar System Leading to Habitable WorldsInvited TalkAbstract
Edgar MendozaThe ASAI View on our Chemical OriginsContributed TalkAbstract
Scott R. MessengerInterstellar and Solar System Organic Matter Preserved in Interplanetary DustInvited TalkAbstract
Gijs D. MuldersThe Water Content of Exo-earths in the Habitable Zone around Low-mass StarsContributed TalkAbstract
Joan NajitaWater, UV shielding, and Organic Molecules in the Terrestrial Planet Region of DisksContributed TalkAbstract
David A. NeufeldSOFIA/EXES detection of absorption by water vapor in a massive protostarContributed TalkAbstract
Karin I. ObergThe formation, destruction and chemical influence of water ice: a review of recent laboratory resultsInvited TalkAbstract
Masatoshi OhishiDiscovery of Objects Richest in CH3NH2, Candidates for Future Glycine SurveysContributed TalkAbstract
Matthew PasekImplications of extraterrestrial material on the origin of lifeInvited TalkAbstract
Yvonne PendletonWater on the MoonInvited TalkAbstract
Klaus M. PontoppidanObservations of planet-building volatilesInvited TalkAbstract
Elisa QuintanaWhen worlds collide: How collisions affect water delivery to Earth-like planetsContributed TalkAbstract
Floris van der TakWater in the interstellar medium of galaxiesInvited TalkAbstract
Kevin J. WalshForming Terrestrial Planets and Delivering Their WaterInvited TalkAbstract
Li ZengUncovering the Chemistry of Earth-like PlanetsContributed TalkAbstract
Andras ZsomA population-based Habitable Zone perspectiveContributed TalkAbstract
Vladimir AirapetianLoss of Water in Early Earth's Atmosphere and Its Effects on HabitabilityPosterAbstract
Sibylle AnderlProbing the water and CO snow lines in the young protostar NGC 1333-IRAS4BPosterAbstract
Arnold BenzFormation, Excitation and Destruction of CH+ under the Influence of Water and Irradiation in Star Forming RegionsPosterAbstract
Dmitry BisikaloThe Monte Carlo simulation of nonthermal emissions excited in the H2O dissociationPosterAbstract
Daniel BoiceWhere is the Phosphorus in Cometary Volatiles?PosterAbstract
Kimberly BottPolarimetry and BiosignaturesPosterAbstract
Audrey CoutensWater in the warm inner regions of Class 0 protostarsPosterAbstract
Curtis DeWittA high-resolution mid-infrared spectral survey of H2O in the circumstellar envelope of VY CMa with EXES on SOFIAPosterAbstract
Josué Cardoso dos SantosSpace missions orbits around small worldsPosterAbstract
Steven DotyOutflows in massive star forming regions: UV radiation and shocked cavity walls toward AFGL 2591PosterAbstract
Maria DrozdovskayaA Complex Organic Slushy Bathing Low-Mass ProtostarsPosterAbstract
Bernard FoingField Research and Laboratory Sample Analysis of Dust-Water-Organics-Life from Mars Analogue Extreme EnvironmentsPosterAbstract
Robin GarrodMonte Carlo kinetics simulations of ice-mantle formation on interstellar grainsPosterAbstract
Mark HammondsFormation of Polycyclic Organic Molecules on Crystalline Silicate GrainsPosterAbstract
Lisa Harvey-SmithCosmic Fire Hydrants: The nature of 11 high-velocity water masers in our GalaxyPosterAbstract
Michiel HogerheijdeCold water and ammonia vapor in the disks around TW Hya and HD100546PosterAbstract
Renyu HuEquilibrium and Disequilibrium Chemistry in Evolved Exoplanet AtmospheresPosterAbstract
Michael KaufmanThe Effects of FUV Radiation on C-Shocks: Implications for Water and Other O-bearing SpeciesPosterAbstract
Busaba KramerWater Masers in W49NPosterAbstract
Lars KristensenWater in embedded low-mass protostars: cold envelopes and warm outflowsPosterAbstract
Leonid KsanfomalityPossible Signs of Fauna and Flora on VenusPosterAbstract
Woojin KwonWater in Massive Young Stellar Objects Revealed by Herschel PACS SpectroscopyPosterAbstract
Johan LindbergObservations of irradiated protostars show a lack of complex organic moleculesPosterAbstract
Charles LineweaverThe devolatilization of stellar material that produces rocky planets is more accurately described by non-equilibrium partial sublimation rather than equilibrium partial condensation: implications for water contentPosterAbstract
Jean Louis LemaireReview on hydroxylamine, a precursor to amino-acidsPosterAbstract
Edgar MendozaPre-biotic molecules in shocks: the case of L1157PosterAbstract
Edgar MendozaCyanopolyynes in Cep E: analysing their synthesis through their isotopic fingerprintsPosterAbstract
Dante MinnitiVVV Survey Search for Habitable Planets around M DwarfsPosterAbstract
Anna MiotelloThe puzzle of the TW Hya disk mass and its carbon abundancePosterAbstract
Hiroko NagaharaDistribution and compositional change of organic materials with the evolution or a protoplanetary diskPosterAbstract
Shota NotsuPossibility of Detecting the H2O Snowline in Protoplanetary Disks Using Spectroscopic ObservationsPosterAbstract
Carina PerssonWater in high-mass pre- and proto-stellar cores from Hi-GALPosterAbstract
Magnus PerssonTracing the origin of warm water emission through the stages of low-mass star formationPosterAbstract
Elke Pilat-LohingerFlux of icy asteroids towards the habitable zone in binary starsPosterAbstract
Jinsong PingMay Using New Concept GPR to Find Water in Deep Crust of Solid Planets in Solar SystemPosterAbstract
Rafael PinottiAtmospheric mass loss from Hot Jupiters: chemical reactions and a new hypothesis for the origin of water in habitable planetsPosterAbstract
Andrew PohorilleWater as a solvent for lifePosterAbstract
Jeonghee RhoWater Emission in Supernova Remnants Observed with HerschelPosterAbstract
Paul RimmerTracers of Interstellar Chemistry in Exoplanet AtmospheresPosterAbstract
Benjamin SargentInfrared Spectroscopic Studies of Water and Organics in Protoplanetary Disks around Young StarsPosterAbstract
Kamber SchwarzCO abundances in TW Hya and a direction detection of the the CO snow linePosterAbstract
Rachel SmithInvestigating Molecular Inheritance of Carbon in Star-forming Regions along a Galactic GradientPosterAbstract
Anezina SolomonidouSpectral and morphological properties of various geological types of Titan's surface with Cassini VIMS and RADARPosterAbstract
Paule SonnentruckerHerschel/HIFI Legacy Survey of HF and H2O in the Galaxy: Probing Diffuse Molecular Cloud ChemistryPosterAbstract
Vianney TaquetHigh deuteration and increased complexity of organics in the inner regions of solar-type protostarsPosterAbstract
Vianney TaquetFormation and recondensation of complex organics during protostellar outburstsPosterAbstract
Marco TazzariA new fitting tool to constrain dust grain sizes and disk properties with ALMA and JVLA observationsPosterAbstract
Carmen TornowHDO/H2O ratios simulated by a multi-stage solar nebula model and conclusions for the formation of comets and parent bodies of chondrites (PBCs)PosterAbstract
Jeff ValentiSearching for Water and Other Molecules with JWSTPosterAbstract
Gianfranco VidaliFormation of water on warm dust grainsPosterAbstract
Andrew WalshHOPS - the H2O Southern Galactic Plane SurveyPosterAbstract
Amri WandelOn the abundance of planetary water and exo-life after KeplerPosterAbstract
Amri WandelOn oxygenic photosynthesis in planets of Red DwarfsPosterAbstract
Laurent WiesenfeldQuantitatively probing water and its isotopomers: from theory to experiments; the contribution of a chemical and astrophysical European network 'Our Astrochemical History'PosterAbstract
Eva WirströmWater and complex organic chemistry in the cold dark cloud Barnard 5: Observations and ModelsPosterAbstract
Chentao YangWater vapor emission in ultra-luminous infrared galaxies at z~2-4PosterAbstract
Ke ZhangEvidence of fast pebble growth near condensation fronts in the HL Tau protoplanetary diskPosterAbstract
Yong ZhangGas molecules in 21 and 30 micron emittersPosterAbstract

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