The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae


The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae

"an excellent compilation of the researched that has occurred in this field...excellent photographs and current directions for new research. The book is clearly written as a research reference for those interested in research on PN.... With hundreds of references, this book reflects the current state of art in PN research." s/ Science Books & Film

"...a valuable contribution to the literature. It offers the most complete, accessible, and up-to-date entry to this subject for the newcomer with a strong general background in physics and astronomy at the advanced undergraduate level or above....a significant achievement, drawing together both traditional and modern ideas about the nature of planetary nebulae and their place in stellar and galactic astronomy." Physics Today

"The book is clearly written as a researxh reference for those interested in research on PN, witrh numerous tables, sample spectra, and mathematical formulae that illustrate specific aspects of the various phenomena involved." SB&F July/Aug 2001

"The reader who is inspired by the images of planetary nebulae to go beyond aesthetic appreciation, to delve into the physics and astrophysics of these fascinating structures in space, cannot do better than to start with this book." Physics Today Sept 2001 The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae

Table of Contents

  • History and Overview
  • Ionization structure of planetary nebulae
  • Nebular line radiation
  • Nebular continuum radiation
  • The neutral gas component
  • The dust component
  • Observations of the central star of planetary nebulae
  • Morphologies of planetary nebulae
  • Problems and questions
  • Asymptotic giant branch stars -- progenitors of planetary nebulae
  • Evolution of the central stars
  • Formation of planetary nebulae
  • Dynamical evolution of planetary nebulae
  • Protoplanetary nebulae -- the transition objects
  • Evolution to the white dwarf stage
  • Distances to planetary nebulae
  • Comparison between evolutionary models and observations
  • PN in the galactic context
  • Chemical abundances
  • Planetary nebulae in other galaxies
  • Concluding remarks

The Table of Contents and the first chapter of this book can be found in this pdf file.


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