International Students’ Corner

International Students’ Corner

Video of University Life of Science International Students

HKU Science is a top choice of many international students.  In addition to local and Mainland students, we have students admitted from 20 countries in the past years including Bangladesh, Finland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,  UK, and USA.  Let’s hear from some of our international students on their unique experience and why they were attracted to study here. 

Hear from Our Students


Lertvicha Chatriya
International student from Thailand
2013 BSc graduate (double majors in Environmental Science and Politics and Public Administration)

"I was looking for a university that provides quality education, has an international outlook, and involves a process of interactive learning in which you learn to think critically about world’s problems through the lenses of many academic disciplines. I chose HKU because it has all of these characteristics. Here I have the opportunity to work with very bright students and teachers who come from different backgrounds. We also have tutorials that allow us to tackle new concepts more deeply and learn to apply them in explaining new situations. I also get to study two very different subjects: environmental science and politics as my major and minor. I hope that by the time I leave university, I will have acquired the skills and passion to keep on learning and working towards the goal of serving those people who are less fortunate.”


Disha Parikh
Indian student from Tokyo, Japan
2013 BSc graduate (major in Biotechnology)
Participant of Summer Research Fellowship in 2011
Summer Research Student in 2012
Student Ambassador, OISE, 2011
Science Student Ambassador 2010-12
International Committee Member, St. John's College, HKU
Founding member of student-led Bollywood Dance Group, HKU

"Ranging from academic, cultural and social activities, HKU really has a lot to offer. The diverse environment of hall makes it a great place to make friends. To me, the science curriculum here is also well-balanced and interdisciplinary, which definitely helps me build up a solid foundation of my knowledge and facilitates my future studies. So far it’s been great spending my university life here.”


Balazs Elek
International student from Hungary
MPhil (Mathematics) graduate 2012
BSc (Mathematics) graduate 2010
Balazs was the Vice-chairman of the Fencing Club, HKUSU during his studies at HKU

"As a foreign student, the three years of my Bachelor’s studies have been full of unique challenges and opportunities. I was able to learn mathematics from excellent and committed teachers in a perfect academic environment. The taste of research life during my stimulating final year project strengthened my confidence in pursuing academic studies in the future, dispelling my worries about the path ahead. 

I had an invaluable chance to learn about Chinese language and culture, meeting wonderful people from all walks of life. The University’s Fencing Club also left me many fond memories, be it the experiences of participating in competitions or being instructors of beginners. My excursions to the countryside of Hong Kong also impressed me a lot. I am very glad that three years ago I had the courage to embark on an adventure like this, and I am grateful to the Faculty of Science for a truly life-changing experience.”

Duraisamy Karthi
International student from India
Year 1 BSc (intended major: Biological Sciences) student
Science Student Ambassador 2012-13

"I am very happy to join the Science Student Ambassador family, as it is such a privilege for me to represent both the University and Faculty of Science. 

I reckon the Student Ambassador Scheme a very good opportunity that gives us more exposure to broaden our knowledge and vision. I am sure I can enhance my social skills and make some valuable friends through the programme. I also hope that I can acquire more knowledge from the activities of the Ambassador Scheme.” 


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