Message from Dean of Science

Professor Matthew Evans, Dean of Science

Dear prospective students,

I am very pleased to be able to write this message to you. I am the Dean of the Faculty of Science. You are thinking about applying to my Faculty to study, you are obviously considering becoming a scientist. Science is the most exciting and valuable thing you could do, it is the principal way in which we understand the world around us – whether that is climate change, or the origin of life, or how to feed all the people on this planet, or how to get to other planets, or what are the most basic building blocks that make up all matter. All of these fall within the remit of science. I get excited every day by what my staff and students do here.

Do you know that the word “science” used to mean a type of knowledge – a type of knowledge that people would exchange with each other? I see our teaching and your learning in very much this way, you will come here to learn from the academic staff here. You will emerge as more informed about your chosen subject or subjects but more importantly as a well-rounded individual educated at the highest level and ready to make his or her contribution to society.

HKU Faculty of Science is constantly revising our curriculum to reflect the ever-broadening spectrum of science. We provide a comprehensive and flexible curriculum, with a Single Admission Policy that admits the best students to the Faculty and allows them to specialise in whatever subject they wish. We have a Major/ Minor system allowing specialisation, Science Foundation Courses to ensure that all students know the basics of all sciences, Common Core Courses to underpin holistic university education, the Capstone experience rounds off your degree with a significant piece of work in your discipline. You will have opportunities to study or work abroad and interdisciplinary studies are actively encouraged.

Horizon-broadening activities are embedded in our curriculum. Echoing with the University’s aim to nurture global citizens, we engage our students in distinct learning environments, be it undergraduate research, exchange studies, field trips, internships and international conferences. Through these hands-on learning experiences, students become better able to address and analyse problems, see hidden patterns, identify relevant variables and formulate their own solutions to societies challenges.

A broadly educated scientist is empowered to change the world, make a difference to society, and lead an intellectually fulfilling life. If you are aspiring to be a global citizen with a scientific and logical mind, we will offer you a world-class educational experience.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Matthew Evans
Dean of Science