6901 Bachelor of Science

Empowers scientific intellectuals to formulate solutions to society's challenges

A comprehensive training in science that

  • Develops students' capabilities in quantitative and logical reasoning
  • Cultivates students' ability to tackle novel situations and solve complex problems

Key Features of Our BSc Curriculum

BSc Curriculum Structure (240 Credits)

Forty 6-credit courses spanning over 4 years of full-time study


Language Courses 

Common Core Courses

(54 credits)



Science Foundation Courses 

Disciplinary Courses
Capstone Course

(96 credits)


2nd MAJOR /

(90 credits)

Unique Features

Tackling novel situations:
Nurtures a scientifically literate population to address the global challenges that human faces and make wise decisions informed by scientific understanding

Career prospects:

  • The Faculty has got essentially 100% employment rate (inclusive of further studies) in the past decade
  • Many of our graduates are holding positions that demand scientific expertise, such as environmental scientists, nutritionists, clinical scientists, meteorologists, geologists, information specialists, financial analysts, teachers and forensic scientists
  • Our graduates are also preferred by other employers because of their numerical analytical skills and logical thinking

The Programme

One entry in the application, with a free choice of 14 Science Majors and 4 Intensive Majors:

  • Biochemistry


    strengthened with molecular biology, is a field
    with enormous applications to...

  • Biological Sciences

    Biological Sciences

    is designed for students seeking a broad-based
    training in modern biology...

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    enables students to understand the scientific
    process of risk management...

  • Statistics


    equips students with powerful mathematical,
    analytical and computational skills...