6901 Bachelor of Science

4-year Science Undergraudate Programmes

6901 Bachelor of Science - The Faculty Admission Policy

The Faculty Admission policy provides students with a choice of 14 Science majors using one programme choice 6901 Bachelor of Science in the application.

One entry in the application, with a choice of 14 Science Majors:

  • Biochemistry


    strengthened with molecular biology, is a field
    with enormous applications to...

  • Biological Sciences

    Biological Sciences

    is designed for students seeking a broad-based
    training in modern biology...

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry #

    is a central science, which interacts with many
    other disciplines...

  • Decision Analytics

    Decision Analytics

    pinpoints critical decision making with mass
    transmission of digitized data...

  • Geology

    Geology *

    Concerns the study of the structure, materials,
    processes and history of the Earth…

  • Mathematics


    finds applications ranging from physical to life

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    enables students to understand the scientific
    process of risk management...

  • Statistics


    equips students with powerful mathematical,
    analytical and computational skills...


Why this Faculty Admission Policy?

Simple and Flexible
Students who wish to take any of the Science Majors only need to put 6901 Bachelor of Science in their application. Once students are admitted, they may take a range of subjects in Science before making a decision and declaring a Major before the end of the second year. Students may change Major at any time during their study, as long as the course requirements of the Major are fulfilled.

No Quota for Science Major
There is no quota for any of the Science Majors, and students may choose freely their Major of study. Some Majors may require students to have taken certain science subjects in secondary schools. Students who do not have the relevant background may be required to take certain preparatory courses before they follow the Major.

Academic Advising System
We understand that selection of Major is a very important decision for students. Some students may have already decided what Major they want to take before they enter the university, while others may want to explore multiple options before making a decision. Our academic advisers will advise students on the choice of Major, course requirements, and possible Major-Minor combination to suit their interests, ability, and career aspirations.

Second Major/Major-Minor Option in the BSc Curriculum
In addition to the primary Major for the BSc degree, students may take a second Major or a Minor to broaden their horizons outside their subject of specialisation. Second Majors and Minors are available in both Science and non-Science disciplines.

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Other features

  • flexibility to declare major at admission or at later stage
  • easy to change majors
  • second major and minor options in Science and non-science disciplines

# Includes an option to follow the accredited Royal Society Chemistry Programme

* Includes an option to follow the accredited Geology Programme

^ Includes an option to follow the Royal Society of Biology Programme