FAQs on Academic Advising

1. What are Academic Advisers and Course Selection Advisers?

Academic Advisers:
Academic Advisers are responsible to assist students with the smooth transition from secondary to university education, and help students set their academic and personal goals.

Course Selection Advisers:
Course Selection Advisers are responsible to provide major-specific and course selection advice to students.

During the course selection and add/drop periods, you can seek advice from Course Selection Advisers of the Schools/Departments that offer the courses you are interested in.

You are encouraged to meet with multiple Course Selection Advisers from different majors to fully explore the academic opportunities that exist.

You may seek approval from Course Selection Advisers when you encounter the problem about pre-requisite, timetable clash, replacement course or course exemption.

2. How can I sign up for Academic Adviser?

You can sign up for your preferred Academic Adviser via real-time SIS interface during the sign-up period in August. You can either browse through the list of Academic Advisers and sign up, on a first-come-first-serve basis, for your preferred adviser; or can just indicate your intended major and the system will allocate a relevant adviser instantly. The information of your Academic Adviser will be shown under ‘Student Center’ of ‘Self Service’ in the SIS. You can send e-mail to your adviser by simply clicking the ‘Send e-mail’ icon.

3. How often should I meet with my Academic Adviser?

You are required to meet your academic adviser at least once per semester in the first year. We suggest that you make an appointment by e-mail in advance.

In the first semester, you are required to bring your ‘My Course History’ printout from the SIS to your Academic Adviser for endorsement by the end of add/drop period. After reviewing your selected courses, your Academic Adviser will stamp the course history printout. He/she will also discuss with you about your intended major.

In the second semester, it would be a good idea for you to initiate a meeting with your Academic Adviser after the release of the first semester result so that your academic progress can be reviewed.

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