Advanced Standing, Credit Transfer and Course Exemption

(a) Definition of advanced standing, credit transfer and course exemption

Advanced standing: advanced standing is granted for approved studies completed prior to admission to the curriculum. 

Credit transfer: credit transfer is granted for courses completed at other institutions, whether inside or outside of Hong Kong, at any time during the students’ candidature at the University.

Course exemption: course exemption is granted from particular course or curriculum requirements under special conditions (e.g. students being exempted from the Chinese language enhancement requirement due to not having studied the Chinese language previously or not having attained the standard required to take the Chinese language course).

Students are not required to complete any further courses for those requirements for which they have been granted advanced standing and/or credit transfer, whereas students exempted from required courses must replace the relevant number of exempted credits with courses of the same credit value.  



Make up credits?

Advanced Standing

Recognition of studies before admission to the curriculum (results not included in calculating GPA)


Credit Transfer

Recognition of studies completed on exchange during candidature at HKU (results not included in calculating GPA)


Course Exemption

Exemption from need to satisfy particular course requirements

Yes (by electives)

Given that the capstone aims to integrate knowledge and skills acquired at the University, advanced standing which is granted for studies prior to admission to the curriculum and course exemption should not be applicable. 

(b) Policy Governing Credit Accumulation and Transfer

Credit Accumulation and Transfer Policy stipulates that the maximum number of credits of advanced standing and/or credit transfer is 120 credits, and that to be eligible to be considered for award of a first degree, a student must: 

(i) Complete a minimum of two semesters of study at this University; and

(ii) Accumulate, through study at this University or from transfer of credits, at least half the number of credits of the degree curriculum normally required for award of the degree (such that students admitted directly to the third year of a 4-year curriculum may elect to transfer up to 60 credits for studies undertaken on overseas exchange and complete the remaining 60 credits at the University).

Associate Degree or Higher Diploma holders or undergraduates on transfer from other universities admitted to study the BSc programme may be granted up to 24 credits (for Associated Degree holders) or 18 credits (for Higher Diploma holders) of advanced standing for Common Core Courses and 6 credits of advanced standing for Chinese language. The maximum no. of advanced standing credits granted (including disciplinary courses) are 120. Application for granting of advanced standing credits is considered individually.